Zoom Seminar – “The Whole Eye Magic of the Christ Chart”

“The Whole Eye Magic of the Christ Chart”


Sunday, March 20, 2022
5:30 pm – 6:30 MDT

Presenter: Christine Barrere

In past sessions, we have explored how to obtain and interpret different aspects of an astrological birth chart. Did you know that you also have a Christ chart? The energy of a Christ chart holds a very high Etheric Frequency defining what your Higher Self has been guiding you to develop in your personality. Join us to learn more about how the energies of a Christ chart can help you feel more fulfilled and in alignment with what works best for you at a higher level. Hear also how the Christ charts of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet played out in their lives. Perhaps elements of your Christ chart are already starting to manifest! Learn what to look for in this enlightening session.

Christine Barrere discovered astrology as a teen and learned that each person has their own unique destiny. She has worked to discover personal gifts, ways to overcome problems, and sources of empowerment for clients since 1986. Christine joined the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in 1979. Currently living in MT with her four boys, she shares weekly newsletters, Stardrops, which can be accessed on her website, www.starfires.com. You may reach her at sirius@starfires.com.

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