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Exude Joy

Presenter: S. Bennett – Can we indeed be joyous with all the suffering in the world? What is the relationship between joy and sorrow? This video explores what joy is and how to express more of it. As others feel your happiness, you can increase your Light in the world.


Navigate Your Life Using Astrocartography

Presenter: Valerie McBride – Have you ever wondered where in the world would be the best place for you to live to fulfill your dharma? Or perhaps be more creative and social, write a book or get a good job? If you’re having trouble deciding, astrocartography is a great way to narrow down your decision. This video teaches you about this little-known but vital astrological tool to support you in your life and spiritual path.

A handout for this seminar can be found at:


Balance 7 Years of Karma in 14 Months Using the Law of Cycles

Presenter: Elizabeth St. Clair – Learn important keys, provided by the Ascended Masters, that you can apply to pass your personal spiritual tests and initiations victoriously. Take advantage of the dispensation received by Serapis Bey, Hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt, to “shorten the days for the elect.” Understand why the cycles of ‘cosmic’ astrology are critical. Chart your 14 month cycles on the seven rays, the five secret rays, and the 13th and 14th rays, using an Excel spreadsheet.

Handouts for this seminar can be found at:

For further information see the following videos on YouTube:
1990 ; #1~ SERAPIS BEY’S 14 Month Cycles ; ~cosmic clock
1990 ; #2~ SERAPIS BEY’S 14 Month Cycles ; ~cosmic clock


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