This Sunday – Zoom Conference Seminar

Strategies for Victory

Join us for our first Zoom Conferencing Seminar

Sunday, April 19, 2020
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm MDT

Meeting ID: 922 9311 6524
Password: 951848
Zoom Join Link, Click Here

“How to Make Daily Calls on Your Astrology”


We are bringing our phone seminars into the 21st century using technology. We are excited that this presentation will be on Zoom.

You can access the presentation simply by clicking on the Zoom Join link above, then enter the Meeting ID and password. You do not need a microphone or a camera to join the Zoom seminar this Sunday, though if you join by video (see instructions on the seminar page link below), we will be able to see and hear you. You will be able to see Rev. Danahy and his hand-outs.

When you have questions and comments, you can type them into a “chat” area at any time. The plus is that the presenter can see the question or comment and respond during the presentation or save it for Q&A at the end.

If you already use zoom, great! If you choose to call in, you will still be able to hear the presentation, but won’t be able to ask questions. We cannot wait to see you — for some, it will be the first time. We will be meeting virtually!

Check back before the seminar to download all of the handouts.

Presented by Patrick Danahy

Please See the Instructions to Join and
Zoom Seminar Etiquette Instructions Before the Seminar Date
Find this information, here.

You can always find all of this information on our website: under the Seminar tab, “Strategies for Victory – Part I.”

Hope you can join us.
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