Video Available – Supercharge Your Astrological Chart with Focuses, Gemstones and Crystals

With Astrologer Valerie McBride
Sunday, August 16, 2020

The fascinating study of how to supercharge your astrological chart with Ascended Master light and energy using focuses, gemstones, and crystals is now available by video. In this video, you will learn where to place these items on your natal chart and some of the Master’s calls (prayers), which will help you through challenging and victorious cycles.

The handouts for this presentation are below.

Handout-How to Supercharge Your Astrological Chart-Valerie McBride
Handout-Astrology Calls – Valerie McBride

The first 10 minutes are missing due to an error, but we hope you will enjoy this presentation anyway.


For more information about this presentation and Valerie McBride, you can click here.


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