The 9th Gate – Tips for Spiritual & Physical Healing

The Bible teaches that there are twelve gates into the City, metaphorically meaning that there are many paths back home to God. Drawing strongly from both Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions, this series offers some of the many perspectives on how to approach enlightenment.

Twelve Gates to the City


Enter the 9th gate into the city through tips for healing the cause, effect, record and memory of physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease, combining traditional western and holistic eastern modalities.


9th Gate Chapters — (Click to jump to a topic)
> The Temple of the Living God
> ‘Spiritual’ Modalities for Wholeness
Holistic ‘Physical’ Modalities for Wholeness

The Temple of the Living God

The Ascended Masters teach that our physical body is a gift, and that our body was ordained by God to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, the temple of the Living God. Keeping the body healthy as long as we can is a sacred responsibility and, to be permanently effective, it is a holistic process. After all, the Holy Spirit needs a clean and worthy chalice to enter and work through.

The physical body is dense and concrete. And it is so concrete that we often mistake the physical body for the actual person, the self. We think that the body is the individual, when actually it is only the house that the soul temporarily occupies.

1) ‘Spiritual’ Modalities For Wholeness

Healing begins with the desire to attain wholeness in God. This brings about the healing not only of physical disease, but of mental and emotional disturbances as well. The Teachings of the Ascended Masters® are for wholeness—the wholeness of the soul, and the soul’s integration with the mind, the heart and the body temple. The Ascended Masters teach that whatever is manifesting in the physical body is an effect of an inner cause and they show us how to go to the cause behind the effect.

The Ascended Masters teach us that we do not have to accept decay in the physical body. Instead, they recommend that we use the violet flame and other decrees to slow down this process of dis-integration. The earlier that we become aware of distress in the body, the more likely it is that a spiritual or natural remedy will help.

In the beginning we were created in perfect health, so we can draw that divine blueprint back into our physical body and experience perfect health again. The purpose of healing is to transmute the cause and core of illness, which may have started with negative karma or wrong patterns of beliefs in this or in previous life times, and have been perpetuated in this life, contributing to poor dietary habits or physical exertions that harm the body.

  • The Four Lower Bodies

In order that we might understand the levels of causation of illness and disease, the masters teach us that we are fourfold beings. They refer to this fourfold nature of our being as the great pyramid. Each of the four sides of the pyramid represents one of man’s bodies. These bodies are the etheric body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. We call these “the four lower bodies.”

Four Lower Bodies in Color - Revised

The etheric body is the fire body, the highest body, and is the body that holds our divine blueprint. There are two parts to the etheric body, the higher and the lower. The higher etheric body is related to the superconscious, our memory of our identity in God, the I AM THAT I AM.

The lower etheric body holds memories from former lives, and patterns and momentums from those lives that relate to the unconscious and subconscious momentums that affect us.

We find that the key to the healing of the total man, the key to wholeness, is in the etheric body. The original purpose of the etheric body was to be the vehicle of the Memory of God. This memory is the inner blueprint of the soul as it came forth from God. As we study the functions of the four lower bodies, we begin to see how they are to be correctly used and how mankind have misused them. It is the misuse of the four bodies that causes our stress and disease.

Where there are impurities in the etheric body, these are reflected in the mental body. Where there are impurities in the mental body, these are reflected in the feeling body. And where there are impurities in the feeling body, these are reflected in the physical body.

Four Lower Bodies

Our mental body is the air body, the body that thinks and reasons. It is meant to be the mind of God, of the Christ and of the Buddha. Impure thoughts and resentments can cause stress in the physical body.

For metaphysical interpretations of the mental causes of disease, and for affirmations to practice right thinking to overcome common ailments, one can refer to Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body. The Ascended Masters would suggest re-phrasing some of the affirmations contained in this book so that they are given as I AM affirmations in the present tense. (I AM is the name of God, and when saying I AM, we are saying, “The God in me is.”)

For example, instead of saying, “My thinking is peaceful, calm, and centered,” an I AM affirmation would be worded, “I AM peaceful. I AM calm, and I AM centered,” which means “The God in me is peaceful; the God in me is calm, and the God in me is centered.” See the 5th Gate – Prayer, Mantras, and Decrees for a further understanding of I AM Affirmations.

Secret-Chamber-of-heartOf course, we will also always want to pray for the adjudication of our prayers by the Will of God in accordance with our karma and our own divine plan.

The emotional body, of the four lower bodies, is the water body, the body that “feels” and “emotes.” It is the feeling body, the body of emotion, which is energy-in-motion. It is the body that is intended to be for the desiring of God, and the body that amplifies the love and compassion of God.

Disease always starts in one of these higher bodies, the etheric, the mental, or the emotional. What has caused our “dis”-ease? Is it our subconscious and unconscious memories and momentums? Is it our incorrect thinking and reasoning? Is it our impure emotions and feelings? Understanding our own psychology is one way to deal with health and wholeness.  See the 3rd Gate – Krishna and Kuthumi: Psychological Healing for how to heal our psychology.

  • The Role of the Violet Flame in Spiritual and Physical Healing

The violet flame can transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of illness and disease, even when we don’t consciously know the cause. With the gift of the Violet Flame, we can cast out disease and ask God for the grace of restoration of our physical health.

vfchakraman320-300x225When the violet flame is invoked it begins, like a cosmic eraser, to consume the cause, the effect, the record and the memory of all imperfections in the subconscious and in the four lower bodies that are bringing distress into manifestation.

Understanding the use of the Violet Flame (the flame of the Holy Sprit) is a key component in maintaining our health and harmony. For teachings on the Violet Flame and how it can cure our illnesses and change our DNA, cause, effect, record, and memory, see the 1st Gate – The Violet Flame and Saint Germain.

  • The Violet Flame Disclaimer

The functioning of Cosmic law is a direct experience between the individual and his own higher consciousness. As in Jesus’ time, some were healed and some were not—according to their faith or lack of it.

No guarantee whatsoever is made to anyone by The Summit Lighthouse, Summit University Press, or Summit Publications that the spiritual system of the Science of the Spoken Word, including meditation, visualization, dynamic decrees, the violet flame, and spiritual healings, will yield successful results for anyone at anytime.

Karma and Divine Providence must be the final arbiter of each one’s application of the sacred fire.

We can only witness to our personal healing—body, mind and soul—through the use of the suggested violet flame decrees, mantras and spiritual disciplines.

Each person may prove or disprove the Law for themself. The practice and proof of the Science of Being rests with the individual. No one can do it for another.

These spiritual techniques do not replace medical treatment.

  • The Green Ray of Healing

Good health is a serious matter. Each of us has work to do on this planet. That work is most easily accomplished when we are healthy. When young, many people take good health for granted. As we age, the body begins to break down and experience more dis-ease. When this happens, we can call to the Healing Masters on the Green Ray (the Fifth Ray) to heal body, mind and soul. The Green Ray is the ray of truth, wholeness, healing, science, precipitation, the abundant life, music and mathematics.


Elohim Cyclopea, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, and the Lord of the Fifth Ray, Hilarion, are all dedicated to helping us heal ourselves and the planet. There are Green Ray healing decrees, such as 50.02 and 50.03, that target every atom, cell and electron of our physical bodies. The following are powerful healing decrees. Decree 50.02 & 50.03 – Christ Wholeness & Come We Now Before Thy Flame

  • The Healing Thoughtform

Archangel Raphael has released a healing thoughtform that is scientifically formulated to restore the inner blueprint and divine wholeness when visualized surrounding and penetrating the cells and atoms of the four lower bodies, or a specific organ. It is composed of concentric spheres of white, of sapphire-blue and of emerald-green sacred fire.

wHealingThoughtformThe white sphere at the center works at inner levels to restore the injured part or the diseased organ to its original perfection. Next is the blue sphere, which establishes protection and an action of the Will of God. The green outer sphere restores the flow of Spirit through Matter and brings wholeness.

When visualizing the person inside of the healing thought form, we can say, “In the name Jesus Christ, beloved Archangel Raphael, the Blessed Mother, place your healing thoughtform over [insert the name of the person].”

healing_thoughtformWe can visualize spheres of sacred fire descending from the heart of God as the pulsating presence of the Holy Spirit. Then we visualize the white-fire core centered in the scintillating, sapphire-blue flame wrapped in the emerald-green fires.

Picture yourself, your loved ones, or the injured parts of your body becoming whole until you or they are in their original healthy state. Hold this picture steady in your mind’s eye. This is called holding the Immaculate Concept, the image of perfection.

  • The Role of Mother Mary in Healing

One can gently raise the light of the kundalini (spiritual fire along the base of the spine) by giving Mother Mary’s child’s rosaries, which increase the spiritual energy available for healing. For teachings on Mother Mary and on the rosary, see the 6th Gate – The Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin.

Mother Mary - Queen of the Angels, twin flame of Archangel Raphael

The CD album, Sanctissima, is an album of songs dedicated to Mother Mary, and can be played very softly in any sick room. The music will raise the healing vibration of the room and everyone who enters. Before listening to this music, ask any Ascended Master to place his or her electronic presence over you. These bring great comfort.

Mother Mary has said in reference to this CD album, “It is indeed a chalice into which the heavenly hosts pour their light unceasingly.” You can purchase or read more about this CD here.

  • The Body Elemental

When you tackle illness and disease, it is always wise to consult your Higher Self (your guardian angel) and to listen for direction, but we also have a body elemental, a miniature version of ourself that we can call on to help with the healing process. The body elemental will help us find the right doctors to trust, good foods to eat, natural remedies, effective physical therapies and keys for healing our psychology.

A body elemental is a being that serves the soul from the moment of its first incarnation. It is ordinarily invisible and functions unnoticed in the physical plane. It’s sole responsibility is to tend our physical body lifetime after lifetime.

Our body elemental is about three feet high and resembles the individual whom he/she serves.  The body elemental, works with our guardian angel, our Christ Self. He or she is the unseen friend and helper of man, standing ready to assist us. Let your body elemental know what you expect him or her to do for you, and thank it for its service.



2) Holistic ‘Physical’ Modalities for Wholeness

In a preventive mode, diet and exercise are keys to maintaining good health. Before the body experiences significant disease, finding the right foods, drinks and ways to strengthen and preserve the body effectively stave off disease. The Ascended Masters teach that it is best to avoid processed foods, sugar and snacks that have no nutritional value in order to advance on the spiritual path, and to maintain a healthy body.

Our diets may be macrobiotic, Mediterranean, vegetarian, or clean. Experimenting to figure out which best serves your physical body and its genetic makeup is the best course of action. Other considerations for health is to give the body the minerals and nutrients that have traditionally come from food, to take short fasts, and to do periodic cleansing. Many saints and sages on a spiritual path have demonstrated the power of fasts.

The best exercise for you may be yoga, jogging, swimming, weight lifting or some combination of different things. Exercising regularly builds endurance, stretches muscles and increases strength. Achieving and maintaining health is a matter of experimenting until we find the right combination that keeps us healthy, vigorous, and free from injury. Not to be forgotten also is the strengthening of our immune system by making sure that the body receives rest and plenty of sleep!

Holistic Health

When illness occurs, fortunately, many healing modalities exist. Western medicine has produced some of the best doctors and surgeons on the planet. Their particular strength is in remedying acute illnesses. Most of these cure the symptoms of disease.

Also available to us are natural remedies such as vitamins, homeopathy, massage, and chiropractic, which are great complements that may prevent or postpone the need for more invasive treatments.

Essential oils and gemstones may also help to counteract negative side effects of pharmaceutical medicines, if experienced, and may enhance healing.


Some illnesses and injuries are severe, requiring surgery or other tools of Western medicine to prolong life, allowing us time to eradicate the root cause of disease so that it never again manifests. Modalities of healing from the East (Asia), also look at the body holistically to eradicate the cause  of dis-ease. These include such practices as Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Oi Gong, Thai Massage, and Ayurvedic medicine. These forms of healing are gaining popularity in the United States as viable alternatives and complements to Western medicine.

Being active in our health care, asking questions, getting second opinions, especially for invasive procedures, and using decrees, mantras, and music help to create an internal and external climate conducive to healing.

For an understanding of decrees and mantras, see the 5th Gate mentioned above. For music that is geared to aligning our four lower bodies with the divine blueprints of the Ascended Masters, see Masters and Keynotes, Part I and Part II.

Here’s to our most perfect health — our wholeness in God!

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