The 12th Gate – Accelerating Your Spiritual Path

The Bible teaches that there are twelve gates into the City, metaphorically meaning that there are many paths back home to God. Drawing strongly from both Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions, this series offers some of the many perspectives on how to approach enlightenment.

Twelve Gates to the City


Enter the 12th gate into the city through practical tools for purgation, illumination and union needed by stalwart spiritual warriors
to bring the Golden Age of Aquarius into manifestation.

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Accelerating Your Spiritual Path
The Importance of Daily Prayer for Accelerating Your Spiritual Path 
Track Your Acceleration on the Spiritual Path through Journaling


Accelerating Your Spiritual Path

Some have asked about how to embark on The Golden Pathway to accelerate their personal spiritual progress, and to become a spiritual warrior.

1) Use this recipe for the fast track to learning about The Summit Lighthouse® (TSL) and becoming one with God:

  • Sign up for 7 months to become a Keeper of the Flame®, joining the Keeper of the Flame® Fraternity.  Keepers of the Flame® belong to a fraternity of non-denominational spiritual warriors in the tradition of ancient spiritual orders. Keepers are warriors of light who pledge to see this earth through to a golden age of freedom, peace and enlightenment by uniting to keep the flame of life. Click here for information about the fraternity.
  • To sign up for monthly online Keeper of the Flame® Fraternity lessons, click here. (Below is a prayer matrix that Keepers of the Flame® give on a daily basis.)
  • Buy and read Climb the Highest Mountain* – the original and first book in the series. Click here. (See all the books in this series listed below.)
  • Buy Save the World with Violet Flame #1 CD and begin to give decrees (fast-paced spoken prayers) everyday. For faster acceleration, give one-half of the CD for 45 minutes, or the entire CD for 90 minutes everyday for 30-90 days, asking for changes in your life, according to God’s Holy Will. Your personal acceleration will be a wonder to behold. Click here for more information.
  • Make a formal prayer request through this website to support your new thrust. Click here.

For more information about any of the above subjects, contact Member and Guest Services at The Summit Lighthouse® at 800-245-5445 or click here.



The Importance of Daily Prayer for Accelerating Your Spiritual Path 

Accelerate your personal spiritual path by beginning your day, each and every day, with a prayer matrix used by Keepers of the Flame®. This prayer matrix is for protection, purgation (purification and cleansing), illumination and union. Begin to see a difference in your life in less than a week.

Keepers of the Flame® give these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ or other Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and/or Archangels to turn back words, works, and energies that are not of the Light. This prayer work is given not only for personal protection for self and loved ones, but to fight all misuse of the Light on this planet.

Darkness that is turn backed by your prayer action becomes pure Light energy endued with wholeness and goodness. The darkness is also met with the strongest force in the universe, love — love that flows forth from one’s heart, untainted by any negativity whatsoever. Love is transmitted through the science of the spoken word, the sacred word. (See the 5th Gate: Prayer | Meditation | Decrees)

The members of the Keepers of the Flame® fraternity are not the first or only peoples to engage in this battle of light and darkness. For example, the Catholic Church has given a prayer known as the Pope’s Prayer for centuries. This prayer entreats Archangel Michael to defend us in Armageddon.


In the second volume of Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Saint Issa (Jesus’ name in the East) demonstrates to the people of Tibet how to use the Light of the chakras to meet, multiply, and return negative energy to its source for healing and transmutation.

The Jews have used the many names of God as a powerful force to fight evil and accelerate on a spiritual path. In the movie, War Room (2014), the main character demonstrates how prayer can also be a powerful force to counteract evil.

To prepare to engage in spiritual warfare, Keepers of the Flame® put on the armor of God. This is done to create a strong force field around themselves of energy and protection against invisible forces of negativity and evil. One does not need to be a Keeper to give these prayers, however. Anyone can build a momentum of protection when decrees are faithfully given for at least three weeks.

Keepers of the Flame® begin their day by building a Tube of Light around themselves. A Tube of Light is a tube of invisible radiant light envisioned around oneself. This Tube of Light is given three times per day for the action of personal protection.

Decrees to Archangel Michael, the Defender of the Faith are given 9-40 times daily by Keepers, as this builds a strong wall of protection around them, and calls forth the action of Archangel Michael to fight evil, which is his job in Heaven. Keepers know that when beginning to give calls for the judgment of evil energy and fallen angels, it is vitally important to have the protection of Archangel Michael. They ask him for protection…and ask him to fight evil on behalf of the planet.


Keepers of the Flame® also pray a minimum of 15 minutes daily for the action of the Violet Flame. Violet Flame is the flame of the Holy Spirit, and is like a cosmic eraser, erasing negative energies: cause, effect, record, and memory. It cleans up, or transmutes back into God’s pure light energy, whatever energies are stirred up when you fight evil. This flame has been used for centuries by spiritual adepts, but was only recently released to the masses by Saint Germain. (See The 1st Gate: The Violet Flame and Saint Germain)


The New-Age Rosary (Child’s Rosary) to Mother Mary also has the same action as the giving of Violet Flame. In fact, Mother Mary, who is a loving protector, and fierce ally in spiritual warfare, has asked that the Child’s Rosary be given everyday to prevent war. When this is done, Mother Mary has promised to help raise one’s spiritual energies (the kundalini) up through the chakras. (See The 6th Gate: The Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin)

Below are decrees and prayers that you can give daily for your own spiritual protection.

Tube of Light – Handout
(give 3 times)


Lord Michael (give this audio clip 2-4 times)


I AM the Violet Flame – Short Handout


Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary (1 John 1-2:11)




Track Your Acceleration on the Spiritual Path through Journaling

Many find it especially helpful to keep a journal of their spiritual experiences over a 90-day period. Journaling is marvelous way to track your progress.

Before starting, decide what kind of journal you will write. Experiential or inner states of mind? If the latter, it’s always wise to prepare yourself by entering into a meditative state. When at peace and feeling calm, begin to write. Start writing quickly and keep writing. It is said that actually putting pen to paper sparks another part of your brain than when one uses a typewriter or computer. You may be more in touch with your inner self when using pen and paper. Try it and see.

This is not a time to worry about your grammar or punctuation. This is the time when you just state how you feel, the questions that have arisen, where you want to go, etc. This is a way to keep track of your emotions, your fears, your plans. Also, be sure to date your entries. Occasionally, go back and make a check of your progress, your unanswered questions. Let your subconscious self work to grasp the answers for you.

When keeping a journal of your experiences, write about the things that have happened to you, where you have gone, people who you have met, things you have done, insights you have had. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll want to share your spiritual experiences with others in the form of a biographical book, blog, or magazine article.

To read of the spiritual journey of members of this site, see the PERSONAL JOURNEYS tab above. After tracking your own progress for 90-days, contact one of us to share your story! Click here.

God Bless you as you embark upon your personal journey on The Golden Pathway! Victory! Victory! Victory!

* The Entire Series of “Climb the Highest Mountain”


*All materials published with permission from The Summit Lighthouse® and Summit Publications, Inc.
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