The 10th Gate – The Aura | The Chakras

The Bible teaches that there are twelve gates into the City, metaphorically meaning that there are many paths back home to God. Drawing strongly from both Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions, this series offers some of the many perspectives on how to approach enlightenment.

Twelve Gates to the City


Enter the 10th gate into the city through techniques for strengthening your aura and clearing your chakras.


Chakras and Aura

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The Aura

human-aura-hallowing-space1-159x300The aura is a light emanation or an ‘electromagnetic’ field surrounding the physical body. A close approximation is the halo often seen in pictures of the saints.  The human aura, and even that of plants, can now be captured by Kirlian photography.

The aura is an atmosphere that not only surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, but all four of the lower bodies of man. The four lower bodies are sheaths of four distinct frequencies surrounding your soul. Man’s four lower bodies are:


  • The Etheric body, which is the highest vibrating body. It contains the blueprint of your true self and the memory of everything that has ever happened to you.
  • The Mental body, which is your thinking mind. Once you purify your mental body, it is one with the Mind of God and is the Christ mind, or the Christ consciousness.
  • The Emotional body, that records your emotions and reflects your desires.
  • The Physical body, which is the body you wear on the physical plane.



The aura interpenetrates all of the bodies and registers the impressions, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of the individual, including his karma and the records of past lives.  Auras vary depending on the karma accrued to the posiitive…or to the negative…of a soul. Elizabeth Clare Prophet says, “Our auras are like fingerprints. No two are exactly alike. Our aura is distinctly our own, built over thousands of lifetimes and millions of choices. In a sense, our aura is our cosmic signature…and it is dynamic in nature, because we change it daily.”

Ascended Masters, Angels, Elohim, and Cosmic Beings also have auras, and their auras are even transferable by ‘grace’ to individuals worthy of receiving these transmissions.

An example of this is the story in the Bible when a woman touched the garment of Jesus, and he said, “I perceive that virtue is gone out of me. Who touched me?” Though the woman touched the hem of his garment, she was actually touching his aura. Jesus actually knew who had touched him, but he made the statement so that we could realize that a transfer of energy occurred.*


To strengthen your aura and to clear your chakras (See Chakras below), the Ascended Master Kuthumi offers his assistance. Below is his mantra to aid in this process.

In the audio clip below, give this mantra, “I Am Light” with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Click for a pdf of the words, I Am Light by Kuthumi.




The word “chakra” is a word from Sanskrit meaning “wheel,” “disc,” “circle” or “turning.”  The term is used to denote the centers of light anchored in the etheric body (the first layer of the human energy field) and governing the flow of energy to all four of the lower bodies of man.

There are seven major chakras corresponding to the seven rays; there are five minor chakras corresponding to the five secret rays, and all together there are a total of 144 energy light centers in the body of man.

The seven major chakras (and the Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra) are located along the spine upwards to the head. They are connected by the central nervous system and the endocrine systems in the body.

human-aura-chakras-DavidThe specific colors of the chakras relate to the Seven Rays of God’s consciousness and to specific qualities that a soul is meant to master and perfect. The Ascended Masters state that the colors as shown here represent the chakras in their purified states.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet says: “This chart of the chakra man [to the left] shows the color (frequency) of the light which each of the chakras should be emitting when it is purified and balanced in the plus and minus factors, the yang and the yin of the whirling T’ai Chi.” *

These spiritual centers are like storehouses of light, and they are supposed to shine like jewels. In fact, when functioning properly, each chakra radiates and blazes with light, just like a gemstone with a different number of facets. These “facets”, when referring to chakras, are called petals. Each chakra has a different number of petals.

The Seven Major Chakras and Their Rays

chakra_throat1st Ray – Throat Chakra (16 petals) – blue (in its purified state)Corresponding Organ: Thyroid – God Qualities: Will, Perfection, Faith, Constancy, Determination, Protection, Strength, Courage, Initiative and Omnipotence


chakra_crown2nd Ray – Crown Chakra (972 petals) – golden yellow (in its purified state) Corresponding Organ: Pineal Gland – God Qualities: Wisdom, Illumination, Education, Self-knowledge, Understanding, Humility, Open-mindedness, Cosmic Consciousness


chakra_heart3rd Ray – Heart Chakra (12 petals) – pink and rose (in its purified state) Corresponding Organ: Heart –God Qualities: Love, Adoration, Devotion, Beauty, Selflessness, Sensitivity, Appreciation, Comfort, Creativity, Charity and Generosity


chakra_baseofspine4th Ray – Base of the Spine Chakra (4 petals) – white (in its purified state) – Corresponding Organ: Genitals – God Qualities: Harmony, Alignment, Ascension, Purity, Hope, Joy, Self-discipline


chakra_3rdeye5th Ray – Third Eye Chakra (96 petals) – green (in its purified state) Corresponding Organ: Pituitary – God Qualities: Supply, Truth, Healing, Precipitation


chakra_solarplexus6th Ray – Solar Plexus Chakra (10 petals) – purple with flecks of gold (in its purified state) Corresponding Organ: Pancreas – God Qualities: Ministration, Service, Peace


chakra_seatofsoul7th Ray – Seat of the Soul Chakra (6 petals) – violet (in its purified state) Corresponding Organ: Ovaries / Prostate – God Qualities: Freedom, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Ritual, Transcendence


Secret Chamber of the Heart8th Ray – Secret Chamber of the Heart (8 petals) – peach or golden pink (in its purified state) Corresponding Organ: Heart, where the three-fold flame is sealed – God Qualities: Integration, Wholeness, Balance, Synthesis, The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Mastery of the Seven Rays




In the video below, Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches and demonstrates how to use the Violet Flame to purify the chakras, and how to dissolve human and karmic substance trapped within our atoms and molecules.


For more information about chakras, see our Photo Gallery of Chakras for more visuals.

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