The 1st Gate – The Violet Flame and Saint Germain

The Bible teaches that there are twelve gates into the City, metaphorically meaning that there are many paths back home to God. Drawing strongly from both Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions, this series offers some of the many perspectives on how to approach enlightenment.

Twelve Gates to the City


Enter the 1st gate into the city through a holistic spiritual practice incorporating new age tools, based on the use
of the Violet Transmuting Flame, a gift from Saint Germain.


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The Use of the Violet Flame for Personal and Planetary Transformation
The Importance of the Violet Flame by Saint Germain
Videos: Elizabeth Clare Prophet Provides Valuable Teaching on the Violet Flame
Free downloadable book on the Violet Flame
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The Use of the Violet Flame for Personal and Planetary Transformation

The Violet Flame is an invisible spiritual energy, the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit, that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision. Saints and adepts of East and West have long used the Violet Flame to accelerate their spiritual development, but this once-secret knowledge was not revealed to the masses until the twentieth century.*

The Violet Flame revitalizes and invigorates us. The Violet Flame changes negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the Violet Flame provides a platform for our healing.*

The Violet Flame is the spiritual flame of the Holy Spirit that can be used for the transmutation of lower vibratory patterns. It is like a cosmic eraser that erases the effects, the memory, and the cause of sin in our lives. Sin is known in the East as “karma”. Thus, the Violet Flame is used for the erasing, or the transmutation, of those karmic deeds in our lives that are less than Christ-Perfection.

The Violet Flame causes electrons to spin at a higher vibratory rate, and can be invoked by the use of the spoken word in the giving of decrees. Decrees are prayers that are spoken at a fast pace, and given by those who study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®.

Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age

Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age

Though the Violet Flame has been used for centuries by the saints and sages of east and west, it wasn’t widely known until Saint Germain, the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, introduced this once-secret knowledge in the 1930’s through Guy and Edna Ballard of the “I AM Movement”.

Saint Germain is the chohan (lord) of the seventh ray, the sponsor of the United States of America, and a master alchemist. His name, Sanctus Germanus in Latin, means “Holy Brother.”


Saint Germain was seen in the courts of Europe for over a two-hundred year period, and is known as the Wonderman of Europe. His place in history is fascinating. To learn of this Holy Brother’s story, click this link. Also, listen to Elizabeth Clare Prophet talk about the Man Who Would Not Die.




The Importance of The Violet Flame by Saint Germain

“I know that it is upon your heart to know and understand what God has appointed you to do in this life and in previous lifetimes. I know you have a deep desiring to fulfill all things, that you might arrive at the gate of the next world having fully accomplished your mission.

I can assure you that the violet flame will assist you in accelerating that mission and the spirals of light in every atom and cell of your being. I assure you that you can encapsulate time, accelerate time and find yourself accomplishing in ten years what, without the violet flame, could take you a century.

The violet flame does shorten the distance. It does increase the capacity of every moment and hour. It accelerates the functioning of the mind and the ability of the body to be rejuvenated.

If you look for the elixir of eternal youth, I tell you it is the violet flame. Drink of it daily. If you look for regeneration of certain parts of the body, if you look for revitalizing and even the spiral of the resurrection flame, invoke the power, wisdom, love of the Trinity and call forth showers upon showers upon showers of living violet flame of the Seventh Ray.

Know and discover, then, the alchemy of the Spirit. Do not lament lost hours or years or days but know that from this moment of the Eternal Now you can live in eternity while yet walking the earth in these forms. You can be renewed each day and you can walk that perfect path because of the violet flame and because of the golden cycle of the sun that is unleashed in this hour.”
~~ Saint Germain 10-14-1991* ~~


Videos: Elizabeth Clare Prophet Provides Valuable Teaching on the Violet Flame

Saint Germain’s violet flame mantra for the Aquarian Age: I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires. Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains and demonstrates how to use the violet flame in practical daily application and personal transformation.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives an example of using Violet Flame decrees and songs for balancing and mitigating your personal karma and for the blessing of your twin flame!

See the Violet Flame acting in your world. The art of visualization and the science of the spoken word is practical spirituality. Learn another Violet Flame mantra.



For more Violet Flame decrees, see “Decrees and Mantras” in the Video Gallery. To receive a free, downloadable book on the Violet Flame, click here.


Try the Violet Flame Challenge to heal body, mind and soul and gain control of your life. Take the challenge and see your life change dramatically. It only takes 15-minutes a day. Check it out here. Also, as a gift for signing up, you will receive a free ebook and a daily email with inspirational quotes about the violet flame.

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*All materials published with permission from The Summit Lighthouse® and Summit Publications, Inc.



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