TONIGHT! – Listen to Our Phone Seminar

“Working on Our Psychology Using the Teachings of the Ascended Masters”

Presented by Psychotherapist Stewart Anderson

Sunday, October 21
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm MDT

Conference Dial-in Number: (563) 999-2090
Participant Access Code: 839413#

Did you miss Part I? 
Developing the Heart: Our Engine of Change 
Read the notes here.
Listen here.

Part II is Tonight (Part I is not necessary, but is helpful.) 
Clearing up our Electronic Belt: The Negative Records from Current and Past Embodiments 
The handouts for this seminar are here.


Part III – Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Those Parts of Ourselves That We Have Lost or Given Away That Keep Us From Being Whole 
Time and date to be determined.

As a follow up to last month’s session, we have been working on expanding the threefold flame of the heart with a daily meditation. This is preparing us to call for the transmutation of negative records in the electronic belt. These keep us tied to earth and unascended souls to whom we may owe recompense. Join us to accelerate the cleaning out of the electronic belt of ourselves and the planet in Part II of “Working on our Psychology.”

Seminar Highlights of Part II:

“The enemy within, the unreal self, the lesser self – there are many names for the part of us that sometimes sabotages our highest dreams and ideals. The early Christian Gnostics called it the counterfeiting spirit. It has also been called the dweller on the threshold.

Everybody has one, but few are aware of its existence. Yet if we are observant, we will admit that from time to time we have all seen or felt the lesser self when it acts in ourselves or in others.”

“If you wish to overcome this enemy within, the first step is to recognize the not-self and understand how it works, which is precisely the purpose of this book. (In fact, your own enemy within would rather that you not pick up this book at all.)”[1]

[1] From The Enemy within: Encountering and Conquering the Dark Side,  Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet


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