The Mystical Path – Part III

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I hope you have been enjoying my new series of blogs called The Mystical Path. 

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Let’s continue exploring the mystical path.

Staying Centered on the Path

One of the early challenges when seeking a mystical path is keeping an open mind and having the discernment to not be led too far astray.

Consciously recognizing that still, small voice that is your guardian angel, Holy Christ Self, guru, guide or teacher seems to be an early requirement for this path. Of course, you have listened and obeyed that voice many times in small and large ways. When you chose to carry an umbrella on a bright, sunny day with no rain predicted and got caught in a downpour, you listened. Finding a job or work that you enjoy, you listened. When you chose your partner or spouse, you listened. It may or may not have been clear to you that you were listening.

How do we develop a listening ear? The first step is to take some time to be quiet. In this world of radios, televisions, ipods, surround sound and earphones, when do we allow ourselves be quiet? I had to make a conscious effort to begin to listen. So many of us pray – we talk to God. How many of us listen? Well, I decided that the best time to listen was right after I prayed. I would simply remain in a praying posture – whatever works for you (I don’t do knees since that is sufficiently painful to interrupt my prayers or at least re-direct them to my own well-being). I do find a quiet place to pray and stay there a few minutes after I finish talking and simply listen. Sometimes I ‘hear’ something.

Another time of ‘hearing’ is in meditation. Finding a quiet place and clearing the mind. Putting your attention on light, a sound, a symbol that relaxes you, stills the mind and permits listening. Every time a thought pops into your head, going back to the quiet place of peace. Allow peace to engulf you until becoming one with that peace. Then listen without distraction, in patience and serenity to ‘hear’.

I put ‘hear’ in quotation marks because rarely do I hear a voice anymore. Usually, it is a prompting, an answer without sound, an inner knowing – almost as if I thought it, but I did not. I suddenly “knew” something. And, I don’t get paragraphs and long sentences. Usually, it’s a phrase, a declaration, or a confirmation. No conversations with my human mind. Sometimes, I get a feeling – oftentimes warm, like love might feel or a mother’s caress. Usually, it is a sense of well-being, peace, and deep calm. I interpret these as ‘hearing’ from the Divine, as well. Such is the way of the path of the mystic.

How do you know when you ‘hear’ from the Divine?

About Elann

Elann has been studying, learning and working on accelerating on a mystical spiritual path for 30 years. Raised Presbyterian, she went beyond traditional Christianity in search of an intimate relationship with God. After trying various religions and other alternatives, she found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. These incorporate Eastern and Western religions and some of those alternatives, too. Her perspective then is often couched in Christianity and Catholicism, sometimes embodying Buddhist and Jewish mystical traditions.

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