A Prayer in Pictures | Treasure Maps

Did you know that you can draw blessings to yourself by creating your heart’s desire in pictures? Well, I was inspired by a phone seminar on treasure mapping last weekend.

Since I have some health issues to work on, I came up with some ideas for my own treasure map. First, I need to find a picture of myself in perfect health. Then, I am going to add pictures of what I need to do to get healthy – such as do yoga poses. Maybe a picture of my elliptical too.

The next step is for me to add an affirmation such as, “I AM, I AM, I AM healthy, strong and thin!” (I like that thought-form.)

Finally, I have decided to include a picture of two of my spiritual teachers and healers – Jesus and Krishna. In fact, I want to make my treasure map so beautiful that I will have a prayer in pictures that I can look upon everyday. My beautiful treasure map will draw the universal energies to me to help my desire to actually manifest.

It was recommended that we make the treasure map on foam board so it will stand on its own and can be moved around. I like that idea. I can wake up with my prayer in pictures in my bedroom. I can move it with me to the exercise room and even into my prayer room. Then, I have to wait for God to answer my prayer.

What might a treasure map help you with?  To learn how to create your own treasure map, listen to our phone seminar.  Listen here.