REPLAY – Be Victorious in 2024 (Edited Version)

“Be Victorious in 2024”



Presenter: Rev. Justina Torres

The ascended masters encourage us to have the victory consciousness—but are you espousing this consciousness to the fullest? In this session, “Be Victorious in 2024!” you will learn why it is so important to embrace the victory consciousness NOW and how to overcome adversity.

You will discover six strategies to help you be victorious this year (one has to do with driving over a dinosaur!) and what the victory consciousness has to do with the paths of mysticism and adeptship. There will be a surprise gift for you at the end! Join us and learn how you can be victorious this year!

Rev. Justina Torres is the Manager of Summit University and Dean of SU Online. She has worked for many years at Summit University, including assisting with the development of SU’s online learning platform and online spiritual curriculum, course creation, and instruction. Justina, having been raised with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, is a lifelong student of the ascended masters’ teachings and has a passion for discussing spiritual topics. She lives with her husband and son in Chicago.


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