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starry sky and an astrology clock

Astrology as a Context for Understanding Current Events

by Kathie García
Presented on August 15, 2021

Join us to hear Kathie Garcia discuss transformational astrology’s perspective on current events. Although the Ascended Masters and the messengers foretold so much of what is currently outplaying before our eyes on the world scene, as well as in our personal lives, the times are certainly challenging! The ascended masters and Lord Maitreya, in particular, have asked us to identify and pray for positive portents to be magnified and negative ones to be mitigated. However, which astrology calls are the most critical? Kathie will help us understand the astrology of the current cycles and those coming so that we have an essential tool for formulating our strategy and ultimately winning our victory!   Join us to find out more. HANDOUTS available for this seminar.


threefold flame of pink, gold, and blue

Balance and Expand the Three-fold Flame

by Psychologist Stewart Anderson
Presented September 19, 2021

Would you like to ensure that you balance your three-fold flame? How many times have you heard that it is a requirement of the Ascension? Do you know how that is working out? Elizabeth Clare Prophet, our beloved spiritual teacher, has told us that most of our three-fold flames are one-sixteenth of an inch tall – hardly large enough to see if we could see it at all in the secret chamber of the heart. Join us to discover ways to accelerate balancing the three fold flame and more about why it is a good idea. Leave this session ready to make a concerted effort and be victorious! HANDOUTS available for this seminar.


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