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The Open Door is brought to you by The Summit Lighthouse®. Each week, topics are presented from the truths in all of the world’s major religions. The Open Door seeks to help unlock universal truths that lead you to a higher consciousness.

The Summit Lighthouse® is an organization that presents the teachings of the ascended masters, saints and sages of east and west who have transcended time and space. They bring, through their Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, priceless teachings that hold keys for your spiritual enlightenment.

Join hosts Terry Canady and Thomas Schumacher as each week they bring you exciting programming that examines and amplifies many key spiritual questions on a variety of topics. See examples of topics listed below.

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Say “Thank You” to Your Karma

Jesus’ Mission Statement

Your True Colors (Reading the Aura)

Keep on Keeping on (Staying on Your Spiritual Path)

Awaken to Life’s Purpose

Change the World with the Violet Flame

Don’t Blame God

The I AM Race – the Only Race That Matters!

The Ascended Masters have the Answers!

Become the Christ

How to Make Your Ascension

The Real Meaning of Love

One Plus God is a Majority

There is No Injustice in the Universe

The Christ in You

Jesus’ Lost Years and Lost Teachings

Soul Travel and Healing


Marriage, Sexuality and Spirituality

Keys to Victory!

Seven Chakras. Seven Rays

Mystery Schools

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger


Ascended Masters

Freedom – Who is Saint Germain?

Decrees -Science of the Spoken Word

Karma and Reincarnation

Where am I Going?

Why am I Here?

Your Real Self

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The Summit Lighthouse® and Church Universal and Triumphant® are trademarks registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All materials published with permission from The Summit Lighthouse® and Summit Publications, Inc. © All rights to their use are reserved.
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