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archangel michael wielding sword

Wielding the Sacred Sword of Archangel Michael

by Patrick Danahy
Presented on May 16, 2021

Developing and mature warriors of the spirit often use tools to intensify their spiritual calls and prayers. The use of the sacred sword of Archangel Michael is a powerful tool that assists in strengthening the action of decrees (fast-paced, spoken prayers). Join us for a seminar on how to consecrate and wield Archangel Michael’s sword. Learn about the power of visualizations to enhance this work and discover what kinds of prayers are magnified by wielding this spiritual tool. We will also explore particular ways to have Archangel Michael and his legions overshadow our spiritual work. Join us to learn how to become more powerful and more effective as a spiritual prayer warrior. HANDOUT for this seminar.



A Special Gift

Our spiritual director, Rev. Peter Duffy, is leaving the Sword video by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Youtube. You need to use this link to access it, it won’t come up any other way. Thank you, Peter!


photo of Steven Acuff

Balancing/Optimizing Natural Immunity: Dealing with covid!

by Mr. Steven Acuff
World-Renowned Macrobiotic Expert and Health Coach
Presented June 20, 2021

As mask mandates change and the prevalence of covid diminishes, you may still be wondering how safe you are to be in public places. Is it safe to be around people who may or may not have been vaccinated? How can you strengthen your immune system to minimize the possibility of contracting the disease? If you do get covid, what can you do now to optimize the potential for a quick recovery? Join us to learn how to use diet and nutrition to support optimal health and your body’s natural immune system. HANDOUT for this seminar.


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