Replays From 2023 – We Hope You Didn’t Miss!

Here are 5 Seminars to Help You Start Off the New Year

oils(1) Oils in the Bible and Ancient Texts by CarolAnn Bethel –

If you missed this seminar, you missed a WEALTH of information. In this session, there was much to help accelerate one’s spiritual path using incense and anointing oils. More than just for healing, do you know how these tools can help you? You will want to listen in just for the fun stories alone. 


God's hands and man's(2) God’s Karma and Man’s Dharma – Remembering the Divine Covenant by Joy Rulewski –

This seminar is another one that you will want to catch, if you missed it. Tune in to find out more information about your relationship to God and Him to you – the Divine Covenant. If you desire your liberation from your soul’s rounds of rebirth, and who doesn’t,? this is the session for you.


communion elements(3) The Ancient and Mystical Origins of Holy Communion by Reverend Kate Gordon –

Do you think you know the full story of why we take holy communion? This session covers so much information about the divine origins of holy communion that we bet you never knew. What do Melchizedek, Abraham and Lot have to do with this sacrament?  This session is definitely worth your time.



girl with eyes closed(4) Unseeing by Reverend Patrick Danahy –

By far one of the most popular sessions of the year. This seminar covers a strategy to help us live in a world where much that is going on around us is unbearable to witness. Learn how to ‘unsee’ it all. You’ll be glad you did.



energy patterns(5) Intensifying and Accelerating Fohat by Michael Seegers –

One of the most advanced sessions ever presented by The Golden Pathway, this session takes us back to some of the most basic books on the teachings of the Ascended Masters and helps us revisit clues to our personal acceleration on the path using the four pillars of the Rose Cross. If you missed this one, we suggest you find the time to view it.



There were many other valuable sessions this past year.
To catch up on them all, you can go to:

Part I – Practicing Spirituality

Part II – Practicing Spirituality

Thanks for supporting
The Golden Pathway this past year.

Happy New Year!


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