Replays and New Handouts

In case you missed our last two seminars, below is the replay information. We are also offering some new handouts for both presentations. Take a look!

copy of constitution

“Spiritual Perspective: 144,000 Foot Overview of the U.S. Constitution”
Presenter: Monique Calef

The American Founders believed that the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were not simply preferences for their own day but were truths that the sovereign and moral people of America could always rely on as guides in their pursuit of happiness. Join this session for an overview of the US Constitution, a divinely inspired document, and gain a foundational perspective of what the American founders created. Discover why understanding the principles, virtues, and boundaries of this sacred document is important.


Contact Congress
References – The Administrative State
The Path of Brotherhood
The US Constitution – Spiritual Perspective
US Constitution



thumb up

“How to Go Up in Consciousness When the World is Trying to Drag You Down”
Presenter: Carla Healy

Serapis Bey, the master of the Ascension Temple, brings us the opportunity to pass our tests and initiations in 14-month cycles.  Learn how to map these cycles so you can stay tethered to your Higher Self and not be pulled down by what Carl Jung called “the collective unconscious.”  Learn how to apply Serapis Bey’s teaching in your everyday life, better understand what the world is going through, and accelerate the balancing of your own personal karma.  A chart is available that allows you to know what your monthly test is and how to pass it.

14 Stations of the Cross
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