Replay: The Secret Bible Teachings on the “Sons of God

“The Secret Bible Teachings on the “Sons of God”



Presenter: Private Spiritual Investigator David Brewer

Join Private Spiritual Investigator David Brewer and his team K-18 and K-19 from the Celestial Secret Service as they uncover many unknown truths in the Bible. The Bible contains the Word of God, the teachings of Jesus, and keys to help us live a masterful life. In this month’s session, we explore many facts that are not well-known. For example, how often does the Bible use the phrase, ’Sons of God?’ Who are the four Sons of God mentioned in the Bible who are not named Jesus? Learn how many Sons of God there will eventually be on Earth. In addition, we will identify the events prophesied that, when revealed, will change the Earth forever. Our study of the Bible will reveal references to the ‘only begotten Son of God.’ And, we will review the three literary devices in the Bible that signal secret teaching is about to happen. Lastly, our session will uncover the secret power Jesus possessed but is rarely discussed.



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