REPLAY: The Ancient and Mystical Origins of Holy Communion

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“The Ancient and Mystical Origins of Holy Communion”



Presenter: Rev. Kate Gordon

View this video to find out the answers to these questions. What is the ancient and mystical origins of Holy Communion are? Where did this sacramental ritual come from? Often, we participate in receiving Holy Communion, however the spiritual understanding of the event escapes our outer awareness. Join us for this session as we discuss Melchizedek who “brought forth bread and wine” when he blessed our father Abraham (Gen. 14:18-20). Melchizedek, Abraham and Lot were present for this sacrament. Why were these men chosen? We’ll explore the circumstances surrounding these three men who were present for the first Holy Communion. You’re invited to join us on this spiritual discovery.


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2 thoughts on “REPLAY: The Ancient and Mystical Origins of Holy Communion

  1. Kate, thank you for doing such a fabulous job in preseting the origin of Holy Communon in simple and heart to heart words. I had not known anything about the ancient origin and sacredness observed both in heaven and on earth prior to the time of Jesus associated with this holy ritual. Each slide shown added much clarity in understanding the full story. Surely needs listening a few more times to absorb it.

  2. Hi Jaspal!
    All the glory to God and the gracious sharing of such a Cosmic Gift with all of us on earth.
    Have a happy and blessed day.

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