Replay Seminar for Keepers of the Flame

Intensifying and Accelerating Fohat!

energy patterns

This advanced seminar was presented on May 21, 2023 to a group of Keepers of the Flame, a non-denominational spiritual fraternity. Its members are versed in the teachings of the Ascended Masters as revealed to Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. For information about the fraternity:

Presenter: Michael Seegers – Are you familiar with Fohatic Keys, molecular formulas and series of frequencies and energy patterns of sacred fire used to release the energies of the chakras? Do you know how to use these keys for personal and planetary transformation? Clues are contained in the introductory and intermediate books on ‘Studies of Alchemy’ by Saint Germain. Additional clues are contained in the books on ‘The Human Aura’ by Kuthumi and by Djwal Kul. These form the four pillars of the Path of the Rose Cross. In this illustrative seminar, we discussed the four pillars, the power of fohat, and how to invoke the ruby ray more effectively. The presentation was followed by a Question & Answer session.

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