REPLAY: God’s Karma and Man’s Dharma: Remembering the Divine Covenant

God's hands and man's

“God’s Karma and Man’s Dharma – Remembering the Divine Covenant”



Presenter: Joy Rulewski

In this presentation, we will delve into the profound teachings of God’s karma and man’s dharma. Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet teach that one’s dharma is one’s duty to fulfill one’s reason for being, the divine plan that runs as a thread through all lifetimes, culminating in the mission fulfilled and the soul’s liberation from the round of rebirth. We will explore the intricate relationship that binds karma and dharma together in a divine covenant. We aim to uncover the significance of this sacred covenant and how remembering and recommitting to this covenant is pivotal to realizing and reclaiming our divine identity, fulfilling our reason for being, and discovering our life’s unique mission in this age. Join us to learn about this vital process and how it is essential in nurturing our spiritual growth and deepening our connection with our Divine Self.


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