Re-Play of The Golden Path – The Five Elements | New Telephone Seminar

Listen to the Replay of Our Telephone Seminar!

From Sunday, July 21, 2019
The Golden Path: The Five Elements
Presented by Deborah Lee
Did you know that we each have an elemental nature from birth? Chinese medicine illumines with which of the five elements we resonate. The choices are fire, metal, water, earth, and wood. These impact our organs and the energy that moves through our meridians.
In the first session, we explorde the strengths and vulnerabilities of each element and how they might be impacting your life. In order to be whole, we all must recognize that God is in us and we are, therefore, beautiful – inside and out. We participated in a meditation to draw the strengths of your dominant element to you, bolstering health and self-confidence.


Session II – The Three Treasures
Sunday, August 18, 2019

Conference Dial-in Number: (563) 999-2090
Participant Access Code: 839413#

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