Mary’s Personal Story

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From an early age I have been on a journey to find “more”. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my reply was “a nun”. I wasn’t in the Catholic church, so that surprised my parents. I think it resembled the highest vision I had of a life of purity and dedication to God, and subsequently led me to study reincarnation. I discovered that I have spent many lifetimes in convents praying and being with other nuns and with beloved Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels.

During my teens I survived an auto accident which resulted in a brain concussion and fractured skull. While in the coma I had what people call a “near death experience”. This opened the door to me of the heaven world – a world of angels, singing flowers, beauty, peace, kindness, love and gentleness. When I came back into my body in the hospital, and for some time throughout my high school years and college preparation to become an elementary school teacher, I continued to feel like I was a stranger in this world.

It was painful to feel and to see suffering in others who also were longing for a world of kindness and love. The world in general seemed to have a lot of burdens and challenges. I wanted to help myself heal and help others, so I began my search in earnest for the spiritual path that would bring me the answers I was seeking.

Hands in Prayer

I went through many churches looking for a place that felt like “home”, but found myself hitting my head on belief systems, and wanting “more.” Meanwhile I taught school, was married, had a family, and continued to search for more. At last I went to a workshop entitled “The Healing Power of Sound”. This introduced me to the teachings of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels (who I loved).

My mind was pondering the many rich thoughts that were shared, but was still questioning, as I sat there. Then they played the “keynotes” of the Ascended Masters – these are songs that carry a key to the energy of their individual hearts. All of a sudden, when hearing “Pomp and Circumstance” played, I found tears rolling down my cheeks. Although my mind didn’t understand the teachings yet, my heart knew there was an unmistakable love for this music and the Master whose keynote this was. (See Masters’ Images and Their Keynotes)

Other songs played also brought a sense of deep connection and some tears. “Onward Christian Soldiers” brought a sense of having been on earth many times as part of a great army of light, here to save the planet. I am thankful for the power music has as the “language of the heart”. I had majored in music and always loved to sing. I left my first introductory meeting with my heart full of joy, having encountered a higher truth that I had been searching for all my life.

I am deeply grateful that God loves us so much that paths home to his heart are provided for everyone. I love the freedom I now know, to pray, to give a rosary, a Buddhist chant, a Kuan Yin mantra, fiery prayers to Archangel Michael for protection, as I continue to learn from the great diversity and vast scope of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.

beautiful flower

Because of the transformational tools, I’ve discovered St. Germain’s violet flame, the protection of Archangel Michael and his Archangels, and a cornucopia of love, wisdom and power that never seems to end – my life has been transformed. I’ve discovered a path that is rich beyond my greatest expectations. For me, this is one that has given me the transformational tools I’ve needed to heal my own psyche, physical body, and our precious planet.

Before having these tools it was hard to read the newspaper and see the darkness and pain there, without a way to help. I wanted to help change the world back to a one of light and love, as I knew it was intended to be. I’ve learned about “decrees” and the “Science of the Spoken Word”, through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, my teachers. I am so grateful for these powerful tools I can use to turn back the tide of darkness, and help return our planet to the planet of love and freedom that it was designed to be.

There are so many beautiful souls of light that I see. I am blessed to be able to pray for them as they walk The Golden Pathway and unveil the beauty and truth of who they truly are. I see life’s greatest treasure as the beautiful truth of the “kingdom of heaven within”, and the light of God that lives in our hearts.

Hear O Universe, I AM grateful!

Lovely Mary passed peacefully in her sleep on December 30, 2017 after battling cancer for two years. She will be missed by all of her friends and family, and especially all of us here at The Golden Pathway.

(To enhance your own personal path home to God, you may wish to read “Becoming God: the Path of the Christian Mystic“.  To learn about the art of decreeing, read this fascinating study, “The Science of the Spoken Word.”)


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