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Lotus Flower Miracle

I have been affiliated with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters® since 1987. I was raised by a Presbyterian minister and a special education teacher with my younger sister. Described as spirit-led, I have made many life decisions that family and friends have not understood. For example, I was born in CA and raised in OH, but as an adult have lived in MA, MI, TX, D.C., NM, IL and back to TX — moves which did not always make sense from a financial point of view. My work is organization development, coaching, and teaching.

I committed to this path after literally almost running into the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as she exited an elevator that I was entering. She was one of the founders and the spiritual leader of The Summit Lighthouse®.

I had been praying for several months about making a lifelong commitment and becoming a permanent Keeper of the Flame® with them. To see her in person, I was attending a Whole Life Expo in New York.  Instead of bumping into Mrs. Prophet, I hit a wall of love – it was triangular in shape around her and the strongest most pure love I had ever felt. It stopped me in my tracks and was the ‘sign’ that I had been asking God for. I also received a subsequent confirmation from Jesus Christ, my life-long Lord and Savior.

Elizabeth-Clare-ProphetElizabeth Clare Prophet

On this spiritual journey, I am learning to heal myself, with the help of the Ascended Masters. I continue to grow in the experience of the oneness of all of the universe and how it is my consciousness that determines where I am and how I am at any point in time. This life is all about Light and energy. Whatever I focus on manifests and magnifies!

I have believed in miracles all my life. Now I have a better idea of the complexity, geometry and beauty of this creation and I call on lots more friends – archangels, angels, elementals, saints and sages to help with personal and planetary transformation. I have discovered a fierce love for this wonderful country and become a spiritual warrior. In sharing what I have learned – only with those who ask – my heart expands and my sense of worthiness and purpose grows.

It would be my pleasure to virtually meet and interact with you. God Bless You!



(To learn more about Elizabeth Clare Prophet, you may wish to read “In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Mystic.” To obtain online spiritual lessons, you may wish to visit the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity site.)

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