Your Divine Self

Your “Divine” Presence


Chart of Your Divine Self – Christianity
Upper Figure – The Individualized Presence of God, the I AM That I AM
Middle Figure – Holy Christ Self, the Higher Self, Guardian Angel
Lower Figure – The Mortal Self on the Spiritual Path towards Immortality

The charts on this page represent the triune nature of Your “Divine Inner Self”, with each of these natures being represented in the upper, middle and lower figures of the charts.  A description of these figures follows.


The Chart of Your Divine Self – Buddhism
Upper Figure – the Dharmakaya, the timeless body of the Buddha
Middle Figure – Inner Self or Inner Buddha
Lower Figure – Spiritual Disciple or Nirmanakaya

The Upper Figure – The I AM Presence

ehyeh ašer ehyeh” is the name of God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses, confronting the burning bush, asked for God’s name (Exodus 3:14). The English translation of ehyeh aver ehyeh in the King James version of the Bible is “I AM That I AM”.

The upper figure in the chart of your “Divine Presence”, represents that part of you that is the divine spark of God. In Christianity, this spark is referred to as God the Father or “Spirit”, in Budhhism as the “Darmakaya”, and in Hinduism as “Brahma”, etc.. It is the individualized part of God in you, that spirit spark within you that you hopefully will increase in size from good works as you  journey back home to God.

The concentric rings around the upper figure of the chart, known as your causal body, represent all of your “good karma” on the seven rays of God’s consciousness, with each ray being a virtue of God. (See The Causal Body Treasures at 2:59).  Those rings are like your spiritual bank account, filled with the treasures in heaven (the good karma from your good deeds) that you have earned over lifetimes.

Your I AM Presence is the Divine Self that is not actually separate from you in time and space, though it may seem that way. What causes the seeming separation is your own consciousness, your own sense of limitation, and your own karma.


Chart of Your Divine Self – Hinduism
Upper Figure – The Spirit of God, Brahman, or Paramatman
Middle Figure – Inner guru, Higher Self, or Atma
Lower Figure – You on the Spiritual Path, Jiva

The Middle Figure – The Higher Self

The Higher Self is also known as the Christ Self, the Buddhic Self, the Tao, the Atman, or by other names, depending on one’s religious affiliation. All of these names speak to the same quality of your inner self, that portion of you that serves as a mediator between your God Self and your soul.

The Higher Self is also sometimes referred to as the “inner man of the heart” by Christian mystics. It is that portion of yourself that is commonly called your “guardian angel”, the one that stands over you. The Higher Self is your voice of conscience, your guide, your guardian, your friend.


Chart of Your Divine Self – Sikhism
Upper Figure – Ultimate Truth, the Spirit of God, or Paramatman
Middle Figure – Inner Guru,  depicted as Guru Nanak, the Sadguru
Lower Figure – You on the Spiritual Path

The Lower Figure – You (Your Soul)

The lower figure in the chart, in Christianity, is called your “soul.” It is you evolving in time and space. The violet light or violet flame surrounding the lower figure is sometimes called “the Holy Spirit”. This violet flame is a high-frequency, spiritual energy of forgiveness and transmutation. (See What is the “Violet Flame” of the Aquarian Age?)

Around the violet flame is a tube of light, the white light of God. Notice the shaft of light descending from the Higher figure to the lower figure in the chart. This is known as the Crystal Cord or the Silver Cord. It is like an “umbilical” cord that ties you to God and to your Higher Self.

This cord nourishes the three-fold flame (of love, wisdom, and power) in your heart. It is a spiritual flame that is about one/sixteenth of an inch in height. This is the spark of sacred fire, the gift of God’s light, that He has transmitted to you. The three-fold flame is a spiritual energy that abides in a secret chamber in your physical heart.

It is said that the goal of life is for the three figures of the chart, the I AM Presence, the Higher Self, and your Soul, that are now seemingly separated due to your own limited consciousness, to become one. This is done in the ritual of the Ascension, the ritual in which you finally become one with God in consciousness. (See The Mystery of the Ascension)

Divine Self

Chart of Your Divine Self – Zoroastrianism
Upper Figure the Spirit of God, or Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord
Middle Figure – Inner Teacher, depicted as Zarathustra, the messenger of God
Lower Figure – You on the Spiritual Path

Below, Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches on the “I AM Presence”.

For more teaching on your Divine self, watch the video here. Elizabeth Clare Prophet summarizes much of the teaching that is presented on this page.

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