Twin Flames

Twin flames are created by God from a single ovoid of light in the Great Central Sun. The one ovoid is separated into two souls, each the exact duplicate of the other — but one assumes the masculine polarity and the other the feminine polarity. Though now separated, each of the polarities still share the same blueprint of identity, the same unique electronic pattern not duplicated anywhere in cosmos.

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The tie between twin flames is eternal, even if they do not spend lifetimes together.  Twin Flames are not the same as soul mates. Soul mates have parallel paths of soul development, and though they may spend many lifetimes together as husband and wife, brother and sister, co-workers, etc, they were not created together from one sphere of light as twin flames are, nor do they share the same divine blueprint.

Revision of Fiery OvoidTwin Flames Created from One Fiery Ovoid of Light

“As twin souls, our original destiny was to come forth from Sprit and, through a series of masculine and feminine lifetimes, to expand the gifts of our union in the matter cosmos. At this level of harmony, we were always one, never separated. However, we made karma and found ourselves farther and farther from each other. By and by, we developed a tremendous longing in our souls, a longing for God–the God we knew in the beginning, who created us–and longing for the divine counterpart.” ~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Finding a Higher Love: A Spiritual Guide to Love, Sex, & Relationships, 2015


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