Masters and Keynotes – Part II

For Your Meditation and Contemplation

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An ascended master is an enlightened spiritual being, a spiritual being who once lived on earth, fulfilled a special spiritual purpose and then ascended and reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension.

Each master has a vibration that one can attune to by listening to the master’s “keynote”, a musical piece that ties to his Electronic Presence, which is the pattern of the master’s soul identity, his code of creation. The masters’ images below also capture the essence of  the master’s Electronic Presence.


Maha Chohan_TSL

Maha Chohan
Representative of the Holy Spirit and the “Great Lord” of the 7 Chohans
Keynote: Homing by Arthur Salmon

Song dedicated to the Holy Spirit, Come, Holy Dove, Parts I, II, and III (© 2015 copyright Cosmic Portals, Inc. and The Summit Lighthouse®)





Messenger for the Ascended Masters when embodied as Mark L. Prophet,
and Founder of The Summit Lighthouse®
Keynote: Greensleeves





Mother in Chalice Mode copy

Guru Ma
Messenger for the Ascended Masters when embodied as
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and Founder of The Summit Lighthouse®,
Keynote: Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster




Base of the Spine Chakra

God Harmony
A representative of the consciousness of God’s harmony
Keynote: Anvil Chorus from the opera Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi




Dore Angels_TSL

Captain of the Seraphim who sing “Holy, Holy, Holy” before our God day and night, and are the greatest healers in Heaven
Keynote: Reve Angélique (or Angel’s Dream” by Anton Rubenstein




Archangel Raphael - Small copy

Archangel Raphael
Twin flame of Mother Mary, healer, and patron of travelers
Keynote: Whispering Hope by Alice Hawthorne

George Frediric Handel’s Messiah was inspired by Archangel Raphael





Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, twin flame of Saint Germain
We can use the Rakoczy March by Franz Liszt
to magnetize Portia’s presence

And Tales from the Vienna Woods by Johann Strauss, Jr is the keynote
of the Rakoczy Mansion and the Temple of the Maltese Cross




Astrea's Circle and Sword of Blue Flame copy

Purity and Astrea
Elohim of the fourth ray of purity, holders of the pattern
of perfection for the Christ Consciousness
Keynote: Concerto in A Minor by Grieg
This concerto contains the action of cutting away of rebellion*




Holy Amethyst_TSL

Holy Amethyst
Twin flame of Archangel Zadkiel, serves in the Temple of Purification
Keynote: Beautiful Blue Danube by Johann Strauss, Jr.




GDDsml copy

Great Divine Director
Manu (progenitor) of the 7th root race, member of the Karmic Board
Keynote: Rakoczy March by Franz Liszt
This music was inspired by the Great Divine Director


* The Masters and Their Retreats, Summit University Press®, page 293.

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*All materials published with permission from The Summit Lighthouse® and Summit Publications, Inc.


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