Phone Seminar Update and Strategy for Victory Series

It has been a while, but it is with great pleasure that we anticipate
resuming the monthly phone seminars
on Sunday, April 19, at 5:30 MDT

This series, Strategies for Victory, is exciting and engaging. The first seminar will be the Sunday after Easter and the presenter will be our Beloved, Reverend Patrick Danahy. More information on his topic and presentation to come.

 We started these phone seminars in 2015 with Reverend Neroli Duffy and all of the seminars focused On Healing. On November 29, Beloved Neroli’s presentation was entitled, Spiritual Perspectives on the Healing of Viruses.”
We invite you to download the 8-page hand-out and listen to that phone seminar at your leisure.
Neroli gives us keys to have the Victory over COVID-19 and all other viruses.  To hear this seminar, click on the button below.

We trust that you are all well and practicing good hygiene and social distancing habits that will keep you healthy and strong!

Look forward to speaking with you on an audio/visual platform, soon to be announced. The chosen platform will accommodate both computer and telephone access. Getting together again will be a joy!

Always Victory!
The Golden Pathway Team




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