Part I – Refreshing Your Psychology From a Spiritual Perspective

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Teachings of the Ascended Masters® on Refreshing Your Psychology From a Spiritual Perspective

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Refreshing Your Psychology from a Spiritual Perspective is a series of teleconference calls which enables seekers, new students, and inquirers to learn more about spiritual techniques and tools from the perspective of the Ascended Masters. 

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February 25, 2018 – “Introduction to Mindfulness”
Do you find yourself having trouble concentrating? Are you feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping? If you feel like your life is going too fast and you are having trouble keeping up, Christina would like to introduce you to mindfulness. It is a strategy to reduce anxiety, help you live in the now, and discover genuine happiness.


by Christina Sarlo

Christina Sarlo is a long-time member of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant. She is an acupuncturist and massage therapist and has built and run her own business for the past 17 years. Christina has studied with The Summit Lighthouse since 1980, been happily married for 25 years. She has studied Positive Mental Attitude with Helen Collier and worked on staff with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Christina and her husband recently moved from the DC area back to Montana to resume life on staff at The Summit Lighthouse Headquarters.

Handout – Body Scan Exercise – Christina Sarlo
Handout – Controlling Thoughts and Feelings – Christina Sarlo

March 25, 2018 – “Mindfulness and the Transformation of Our Psychology”

This week’s phone seminar will continue our exploration into mindfulness. How do we shape our lives by the way we think, what we focus on and where we invest our energy? Is it possible to re-create ourselves by changing the way that we think? Have you ever wondered how to become your ideal self? Join us for a short exercise in purposeful self-transformation. Become more of the you that you most want to be.


by Stewart Anderson

Stewart Anderson has been a therapist since the early 1970s. He became a staff psychologist for The Summit Lighthouse in the early 1990s and was very excited about using tools from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for healing psychological hurts. Learn how Saint Germain’s alchemy and the violet flame are the foundation for true psychological change and wholeness.

During Session Handout – Stewart Anderson

August 19, 2018 – “Psychology of Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success”
Have you been wondering how to accelerate on the path to the ascension by working on your psychology? Review with us Napoleon Hill’s first nine principles of success on abundance, but with a psychological twist. Then we will learn about 4-6 more of Hill’s principles with research on psychology and its impacts on success. Join us for this interactive session where we can share personal observations, questions, and experiences. Discover how the Teachings of the Ascended Masters can illuminate Hill’s research and how God’s Will in the Presence, which Hill called ‘infinite intelligence,’ can assist us to discern, improve our psychology, develop goals and pass our tests on the spiritual path.


by Patrick Danahy

Rev. Patrick Danahy found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in 1971 and joined the Summit Lighthouse in 1972. Commissioned as a lay minister in 1973, he opened and served new teaching centers for the organization. In 1994, Patrick was ordained and later helped develop curriculum and instructed aspirants in the ministerial training program. Rev. Danahy has a B.S. in psychology, is a licensed hearing specialist and ministerial counselor. He lives in Bozeman with his wife, Anne.

Sunday, September 16, 2018 – “Working on our Psychology using the Teachings of the Ascended Masters: Part 1”
Psychology started out as a study of the soul or psyche. As it evolved into an academic discipline, the focus shifted to a study of personality and how individuals think and manage emotions and behaviors. While these remain important, the Teachings of the Ascended Masters return us to the roots of psychology. There are three major aspects to working on our psychology within the Teachings: 1. Developing the heart – our Engine of Change; 2. Clearing up our Electronic Belt – the negative records from current and past embodiments; and 3. Soul Retrieval – reclaiming those parts of ourselves that we have lost or given away that keep us from being whole. This first session will give an overview of the psychological predicament of the soul, clear up confusion about our reason for being and give guidance on how to start the process of cooperating with God in fulfilling our reason for being.


by Stewart Anderson

Stewart Anderson has been a student of the Ascended Masters for more than 30 years and a psychotherapist since starting his career. He attended Summit University in 1984 and Elizabeth Clare Prophet invited him to join the staff of the Summit Lighthouse in 1985. On staff he saw tremendous opportunities to use the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for the healing of one’s psychology; opportunities that were not available in the psychology taught in the world. He became a staff psychologist in the early 1990s and served in that capacity until 1997. Stewart’s approach to psychological work is based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, stressing the importance of Saint Germain’s alchemy and the violet flame for true psychological change and wholeness.

Stewart Anderson Presentation HandoutPDF

Sunday, October 21, 2018 – “Working on our Psychology using the Teachings of the Ascended Masters: Part 2”
As a follow up to last month’s session, we have been working on expanding the threefold flame of the heart with a daily meditation. This is preparing us to call for the transmutation of negative records in the electronic belt. These keep us tied to earth and unascended souls to whom we may owe recompense. Join us to accelerate the cleaning out of the electronic belt of ourselves and the planet in part 2 of Working on our Psychology.

Purified Soul

by Stewart Anderson (see bio above)

The Electronic Belt Handout
Call for God Truth Handout
Living Truth Decree Handout

Sunday, November 18, 2018 – “Working on our Psychology using the Teachings of the Ascended Masters: Part 3”
Since last month’s session, we have been working on cleaning out our electronic belt, transmuting all thoughts and feelings that are not of the Christ, and practicing forgiveness of ourselves and others. This prepares us for this month’s session on retrieving those parts of our souls that we have lost. Explore how to attract those soul fragments back to make our souls whole once again.

by Stewart Anderson (See bio above)


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