Part I – Practicing Spirituality

Teachings of the Ascended Masters®

Part I – “Practicing Spirituality”

A Zoom Seminar

Practicing Spirituality is a series of seminars which enables seekers, new students,
and inquirers to learn more about spiritual techniques and tools

from the perspective of the Ascended Masters.

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Sunday, January 15, 2023 “Using the Tree of Life: God’s Tools for Action”

A fundamental concept in Kabbalah is the belief that the world is created and sustained by ten channels of divine energy or life force called Sefirot. These Sefirot are depicted pictorially on the Tree of Life and provide a toolbox for spiritual workers to help manage daily challenges, enhance prayers and meditation, and measure the steps to your graduation from Earth’s schoolroom. You can become an apprentice to our Compassionate Creator and learn the skills inherent to using these precious tools. Join us to discover how God used the Sefirot in His creation, how you can use them, and what not to do with them. Also, discover the sephirotic secrets of Adam and Eve!

tree of lifeby Ann Bethel

Ann Bethel was born in England and now lives in Bendigo, northwest of Melbourne, Australia. Ann has in-depth knowledge of Kabbalah and has presented frequent Zoom sessions on its many aspects to groups in Australia and New Zealand. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout Ireland, Europe, and the middle east. She also lived and worked with the Bedouins in Arabia and has been a nurse in the wilds of Papua New Guinea.

Handout-Using Sefirot
The Forgiveness of Eve – Part I
The Forgiveness of Eve – Part II
Covenant of the Magi by El Morya


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