Part I – Increasing Your Light in the World

Teachings of the Ascended Masters® 

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“Increasing Your Light in the World”

A Zoom Seminar

Increasing Your Light in the World is a series of seminars by Zoom conferencing
which enables seekers, new students, and inquirers to learn more about spiritual techniques and tools
from the perspective of the Ascended Masters.

Sponsored by The Summit Lighthouse®

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Our Seminars Are On Sundays
3rd Sunday of Each Month

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Mountain Time

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Sunday, January 16, 2021 “Upholding the Torch of Liberty in 2022: God Gratitude is the Key!”  In 2022, our nation, and indeed, the international community of lightbearers, meets a most critical turning point in the changing of the guard from the Piscean into Aquarian age. We feel this and wonder how it will play out? What can we do individually and collectively to uphold Liberty’s flame throughout these most challenging and most promising times? Let us together explore the current and upcoming astrological cycles upon our nation and upon ourselves. God-Gratitude, the great attitude, is indeed the key to victory, peace and prosperity.
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by Kathy García

Kathie García has studied the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for over 40 years. She developed transformational astrology which builds on the Teachings of Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary’s Cosmic Clock, and the Kaballah. She founded The Three Magi Complete Astrological Services in 1989 to build an approach congruent with the dawning Age of Aquarius. An author, Kathie has written the only books on astrology for children and their parents and teens and their parents. Residing in MT, she is the mother of four adult children and gives readings virtually.

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