Audio Re-Play – “Psychology of Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success”

Our latest phone seminar, “Psychology of Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success” has now been posted as an audio replay.


From Sunday, August 19, 2018

Have you been wondering how to accelerate on the path to the ascension by working on your psychology? In this seminar, you will hear a review of Napoleon Hill’s first nine principles of success on abundance, but with a psychological twist.

You will learn about 4-6 more of Hill’s principles with research on psychology and its impacts on success. This interactive session shares personal observations, questions, and experiences.  You will discover how the Teachings of the Ascended Masters can illuminate Hill’s research and how God’s Will in the Presence, which Hill called ‘infinite intelligence,’ can assist us to discern, improve our psychology, develop goals and pass our tests on the spiritual path.



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