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Father’s Day is this month. My own father will have his 94th birthday next month. Sadly, he has Alzheimer’s Disease and is slowly leaving us. I love my Father dearly and I miss him. 

My mother has been gone for 15 years. Her birthday was last month, the month for Mother’s Day.

I’ve always said that my father and my mother were perfect parents for me. Not perfect people, but great parents. I miss them both. My parents put me in the position to learn the lessons that I needed to learn in this life, and they supported me in developing the tools to do so. 

On my spiritual path, I also have ‘spiritual’ parents. They are people in embodiment whom I have called my parents, my gurus, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I am grateful. 

The Ascended Masters, the saints and sages of east and west who have returned to God, are also more than happy to be my parents. When I call to them, they always come. And they listen to me. Their love is unconditional and they never disappoint. I have been blessed on my spiritual path by all my parents, my biological, my spiritual and my ascended parents.

Are there saints and sages who you would choose for your spiritual parents?

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