My July Birthday | Two Wishes

This is my birthday month!

It is so wonderful to have a clean, new slate to start the year. It took a lot of violet flame to smooth out the bumps leading up to that day which was in the third week. I’ll use that as a reason for not doing this blog sooner. That, and the Summer Conference for spiritual seekers held in Paradise Valley, MT over the 4th of July.  Actually having hundreds of people to give violet flame decrees with me really helped to clean up year-end karma before my big day.

One of the Ascended Masters, Beloved Kuthumi – he was Saint Francis — has told us that we can ask him for a present on our birthday – two actually. A present for ourselves and a present for the planet. He just asks that they be reasonable and tangible so that we know when he gives them to us. I treat this like a birthday wish – a secret, so I won’t share my requests.

I am wondering, though, what might you ask for on your birthday? It will certainly give you something to look forward to!

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