Healing From a Spiritual Perspective – Part II


Project Reach Out Presents

Teachings of the Ascended Masters® on Healing – Part II
A Virtual Forum
to Connect New Seekers to the Path to the Ascension

In these challenging times, every one of us needs some form of healing and wholeness in our lives. Healing from a Spiritual Perspective is a series of teleconference calls which enables seekers, new students, and inquirers to learn more about spiritual techniques and tools from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters® for healing body, mind and soul.

The Healing Though Form with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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September 20, 2015“The Violet Flame Diet”
The violet flame can change your life. Download the pocket book, Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul to learn more about invoking the violet flame to change the energy in your world. Take the violet flame challenge to heal yourself, your loved ones and the world.


by Mr. Thom Schumacher, host of The Open Door Radio Show, and Mrs. Christina Schumacher

Thom Schumacher, founder and co-host of the weekly OPEN DOOR radio show, has produced this online global radio program which is consistently in the top 3 most listened to, of 55 shows on Voice of America’s 7th wave channel. Thom has been involved in marketing for The Summit Lighthouse since 2008.

Christina Schumacher, a certified Montessori teacher was an office manager for CBS Broadcasting from 1990-97. Married to Thom, she is currently executive assistant to the President, Church universal and Triumphant.

Download the free Ebook here.


Sunday, October 4“Healing From a Soul Level”
The soul is the only part of your Being that has the potential to become immortal.  Discover how your soul has been wounded and what emotions and actions let you know that your soul is in pain.  Learn steps that you may take to help heal your soul and restore it to wholeness.

by Rev. Charlotte Mizzi of Church Universal & Triumphant

Charlotte Mizzi is a minister of the Church Universal and Triumphant, where she conducts Sunday services and sacraments. She discovered the Teachings of the Ascended Masters while living in New York City, later becoming a successful leader of Church Universal & Triumphant’s teaching center there, helping that center to thrive. After moving to Montana, she began to work with the North Glastonbury Teaching Center, where she serves as its president.  She is responsible for helping to establish an eco-friendly community garden there.

Healing from a Soul Level Handout



October 18, 2015“Healing Family: Bring God Back Into the Home”
Making God a part of our lives 24/7 accelerates growth on the spiritual path. What can we do to transform our homes into places which facilitate that growth? Research has also shown that teaching spiritual beliefs, the role of the church and organized religion in recent years is culturally shifting back to parents. The millennial generation is embracing this. What does this mean for parenting? Explore how to spiritualize the home for yourself and your family.

by Candice Vann, RD and staff member of The Summit Lighthouse

Candice is a mother of two and a long-time student of the Ascended Masters. She is passionate about families, youth and the home-centered spiritual culture. She is currently employed as the Summit Lighthouse Family and Youth Team Leader and as an on-line SU course developer and instructor.  In addition, she practices as a Licensed Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator.

Spiritualize Your Home Handout



November 1, 2015“Profound Healing Keys from Mother Mary: The Rosary and the Immaculate Concept”
Mother Mary serves on the fifth ray and has powerful keys of healing that are yours for the asking. Her science of the immaculate concept teaches you to hold the image of perfection for your own perfect healing in the light. It can also be used by you for the healing of others. Mother Mary’s new age rosary is for the gentle raising of the light from the base of the spine chakra to the crown chakra for health and wholeness. Simple tools that work and don’t cost a thing!

by Neroli Duffy, a former medical doctor

Neroli was a former medical doctor in Australia, but she will not be giving medical advice in this seminar. She will be sharing spiritual keys that many people have found to be effective in healing. If you have a serious illness we always recommend that you consult your own healing practitioner.

Healing Session 9 Handout




November 15, 2015“The Healing Power of Sound: Part I”
Explore the latest groundbreaking research that will change the way that you think about the power of sound, music, and prayer. Learn how music can heal and how it is the flow of energy everywhere in creation, even in the very cells of life. Listen to beautiful musical excerpts and keynotes from the Ascended Masters designed to elevate, inspire and help you connect to your higher self.

by Rev. Valerie McBride, Musician, Spokesman, and Montessori Teacher

Valerie is a musician, Montessori teacher and administrator with over twenty years of experience in education. She was the president of The Summit Lighthouse® for over five years,  and is currently a minister of Church Universal & Triumphant. Focusing on spirituality, education and issues of public interest, Valerie has produced and hosted over 30 public television talk shows aired on a variety of subjects. She and her husband have also given powerful workshops on healing, body, mind, and soul, throughout the United States. Valerie’s mission statement is: Discover your own inner divinity through the empowerment of your higher self.

The Healing Power of Sound Handout



November 29, 2015“Spiritual Perspectives on the Healing of Viruses”
We live in a time when viruses and other plagues such as cancer and serious illnesses seem to torment us. But the situation is far from hopeless and can be turned around with spiritual tools. Find out about the complex origin of these last plagues and the simple spiritual and healing techniques that can overcome them. Angels are waiting for assignments!

Healthy Cells

by Neroli Duffy, author, speaker, minister and former medical doctor

Neroli was a former medical doctor in Australia, but she will not be giving medical advice in this seminar. She will be sharing spiritual keys that many people have found to be effective in healing. If you have a serious illness we always recommend that you consult your own healing practitioner.

Healing Session 10 Handout



December 13, 2015  – “Healing Your Economy”
This seminar will take a look at the spiritual principles of economics, and gives insight into what is needed to restore a solid foundation for the national economy and for each of us individually.

by Peter Duffy and Neroli Duffy

Peter Duffy is a minister and the Editorial Director at Summit University Press. As a teaching assistant at Summit University, he loves to explore how the teachings of the Ascended Masters give insight into the political and social issues of our time. Peter has a Bachelor of  Science degree with a major in Physics from Sydney University in Australia. He is also a trained mediator and past president of the Community Mediation Center in Bozeman, Montana.

Neroli has presented many of the seminars in this series on healing. She is an ordained minister and an instructor at Summit University. She is a former medical doctor in Australia, and she has toured extensively in America, Australia, Europe and Russia to present spiritual teachings on healing and wholeness. Neroli is also the author of several books including Wanting to Be Born: the Cry of the Soul, and Wanting to Live: Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide. She is married to Peter.

The Economy-Pearl of Wisdom Handout



January 10, 2016 – “The Healing Power of Sound: Part II”
Discover how the spiritual centers known as chakras correspond to specific musical instruments and how you can use this music for your spiritual growth. Learn how to heal and purify your chakras with the appropriate music and mantras. Use the power of sound and positive thoughts to bring healing to your physical body and soul.

by Valerie McBride (see Part I)
Healing Power of Sound – Part II Handout



January 24, 2016 “Healing Your Psychology”
Have you ever felt out of control, depressed, stressed out or angry? Do negative thoughts or behaviors interfere with your relationships or stop you from reaching your goals? Have you tried human solutions for these problems that just did not seem to work? Well maybe you are ready to learn a whole new approach to gaining your victory through the help of the ascended masters! The simple truth is that the answers you are looking for are inside of you…right within your very own heart! In this seminar you will learn about using the magnificent threefold flame that God has placed within your heart for personal transformation and the healing of your soul. This seminar will provide spiritual tools that you can begin to use right away.

by Stewart Anderson, psychotherapist

Dr. Stewart Anderson has been a psychotherapist since the early 1970s. He became a staff psychologist for the Summit Lighthouse in the early 1990s and was very excited about using tools from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for healing psychological hurts. Learn how Saint Germain’s alchemy and the violet flame are the foundation for true psychological change and wholeness.

Cosmic Threefold Flame

Kuthumi – Strenghtening the Aura Handout
Prayer to Kuthumi Healing Dispensation Handout
I AM Light Handout


Healing From a Spiritual Perspective – Part I

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