Part II – Abundance From a Spiritual Perspective

Project Reach Out Presents

Teachings of the Ascended Masters® on Abundance From a Spiritual Perspective

A Virtual Forum 

Abundance from a Spiritual Perspective is a series of teleconference calls which enables seekers, new students, and inquirers to learn more about spiritual techniques and tools from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters® for receiving and accepting the wealth of God’s abundance.


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Phone Seminars

Second and Fourth Sundays of the Month
5:30 to 6:30 pm MDT

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August 6, 2017 – “Cosmic Abundance”
Cosmic abundance is tapping into unlimited universal supply. Have you ever wondered what it takes to draw down from heaven the abundant blessings that are yours to claim? In this seminar, learn to use several strategies to access the supply that you have accrued over many lifetimes. The tools include treasure mapping, prayer, tithing and writing letters to the Ascended Masters. Tune in to hear how these have worked in one person’s life.

by Vicki Vaughan

Vicki Vaughan, a Keeper of the Flame since 1978 and member of Church Universal & Triumphant since 1981, currently serves as an elder of the church , and as a co-President of the Chicago Community Teaching Center. Professionally, Vicki is a Family Practitioner in the Chicagoland area and a Certified School Nurse. She is active with outreach in Chicago and a contact team member with Project Reach Out. Vicki is in the last year of education and training in the Lay Ministerial Program for the church

Cosmic Abundance Handout


August 6, 2017 – “Creating Abundance in Every Area of Your Life – Part III”

Are you struggling with finances? Looking for better friends? Searching for meaning in your life? Prosperity increases health, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, faith and love. This flourishing leads to abundance which is your spiritual heritage. This seminar will provide the keys to unlock abundance in all areas of your life. This session will begin with a short interview and then open up for your questions about how to create more abundance in your life.

by Yolanda Weisman

Yolanda Weisman has been a keeper of the flame for most of her adult life. She is known affectionately as the “abundance lady” in her local spiritual community in the Seattle area. She is the mother of three and grandmother to six children, speaks Spanish and English, and lectures internationally. Yolanda has been a strategic life coach for 12 years. She is young and beautiful and still working, not because she has to, but because she wants to.


October 22, 2017 – “Scientific Studies on Prosperity”

In this era of people asking “what’s in it for me?”, this seminar will explore the impact of generosity on the giver. Has it occurred to you that giving has a return to the giver? Hear about studies, conducted by researchers, on the effect of giving on the people who gave. Studies have shown that giving produces happiness and a healthier life. Tune in to hear how this works.

by Carolina Paraventi

Carolina Paraventi found the Teachings in 1991 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since moving to Miami, she has been active in the study group helping with services, lectures, and outreach events. Currently, a Portuguese interpreter and translator for the U.S. Department of States and Federal courts, Carolina provides similar services for the Summit Lighthouse in Brasil and headquarters in MT. Carolina is also studying online for a master’s degree in Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University and in Summit University’s Ministerial certificate program.


October 22, 2017 – “Abundance, Alchemy, and Adeptship”

Have you been wondering how to accelerate the manifestation of abundance in your life? Explore Napoleon Hill’s top 5 principles of success. He identified these as central and present in the lives of all successful men and women: 1. Definite major purpose; 2. Going the extra mile; 3. Master mind alliance; 4. Applied faith; and 5. Personal Initiative. Hill says that success is simply the persistent pursuit of your primary and subsidiary goals. Join us in this interactive session where we can share personal observations, questions, and experiences. Discover how the Teachings of the Ascended Masters can illuminate Hill’s research and how God’s Will in the Presence, which Hill called ‘infinite intelligence’ can assist us to discern and develop our goals and pass out tests on the path.

by Rev. Patrick Danahy


Rev. Patrick Danahy found the teachings in 1971 and began serving the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet when he joined the Summit Lighthouse staff in 1972. Commissioned as a lay minister in 1973. In 1994, Patrick was ordained. Rev. Danahy has a B.S. in psychology, is a licensed hearing specialist and ministerial counselor. He lives in Bozeman with his wife, Anne.

Napoleon Hill Big Four Handout


November 11, 2017 – “Enhance Vision Boarding with Gems and Oils”

Join us to explore the vibrational modalities of gemstones, aromatherapy and the 9 Palaces of the Chinese bagua to enhance your success vision board. Learn how to position the images on your vision board using the ancient wisdom of the Tao. Discover which gemstones focus abundance and how use of essential oil blends may help attract prosperity to you.

by Jan Lynch


Jan Lynch is a Wholistic Aromatherapy practitioner according to classical Chinese medicinal perspectives. She is trained in the modalities of essential oils and stone medicine. By using ancient Chinese wisdom and teachings of the Ascended Masters she will explore their practical alchemical application.


December 3, 2017 – “Forgiveness: the Key to Abundance”

As a singing performer, Robert Worobec’s first career was in NYC on the Broadway stage. The career path for anyone working in the Arts, of necessity, also includes jobs and occupations in many fields, so Robert has had lots of opportunities to apply the principles of abundant living! He will share some of these stories, especially regarding the necessary ingredient of forgiveness.

by Robert Worobec


Robert’s spiritual journeys brought him to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and he subsequently lives his life according to these guiding principles. When faced with severe health challenges which standard medicine failed to address, he turned to the natural health field for solutions. In doing so, he found a new vocation and in the past 25 years has owned two natural products retail stores. He sold and retired from the last one six weeks ago. He and his wife, Rev. Linda Worobec, also a professional singer whom he courted while performing together, have been making beautiful music together for 25 years.

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