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What are the voices that we hear?

These may be our inner child or children seeking our help. They may be projections from others that want us to think or believe certain things. It may simply be our logical human selves that developed through formal education or in the school of life. What we want to hear is that still, small voice from our guardian angel or God.

How do we know who’s talking?

One of the problems is that we hear ‘talking’ in our heads all the time. Lots of those conversations are self-talk, oftentimes positive or negative judgments about our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Psychologists have studied humans and found that most of the time, there is talking in our heads. What psychologists do not recognize is that, sometimes, the voices originate outside of us.

Learning to recognize that distinction is a step on the path.

But then, how do you know whether or not to heed that voice that is not your own? Is the voice evil, benign or Divine? Once you hear a voice that is not your own, “try the spirit to see what sort it is.” This testing of the spirit can be accomplished by Christians saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ, show me your Light!”

If the light around you does not immediately intensify, the next statement is, “In the name Jesus Christ, Get thee behind me, Satan.” For if the voices cannot show their light, they have probably come to take some of yours. The Ascended Masters teach that before the real teacher shows him or herself, the false teacher will appear. We have to be able to discern which is which.

When the Light intensifies in answer to your admonition, then you know that this spirit is of the Light and to be heeded. This is not always an easy task as the message is rarely directive and clear. For example, I was the head of a group once and I heard quite clearly, “You can no longer grow here.” I agreed and continued to lead the group to complete my term of less than a year and then leave. Six months later, however, I had to step down because I was literally cripple. It wasn’t until later that I understood that the message meant, “Resign.”

The second part of discernment, then, is understanding the message and how to appropriately respond or act. No easy feat.

Still, the budding mystic’s job is to obey. How easy or hard is it for you to recognize that still, small voice and heed it?

Elann has been studying, learning and working on accelerating on a mystical spiritual path for 30 years. Raised Presbyterian, she went beyond traditional Christianity in search of an intimate relationship with God. After trying various religions and other alternatives, she found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. These incorporate Eastern and Western religions and some of those alternatives, too. Her perspective then is often couched in Christianity and Catholicism, sometimes embodying Buddhist and Jewish mystical traditions.

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