“Be At Peace and Be Victorious! – Using Astrology”

Join Us For Our January ZOOM Workshop!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm MST

“Be At Peace and Be Victorious! – Using Astrology”

by Astrologer Kathie García

Join us just days before the presidential inauguration for this timely zoom seminar. Kathie García presents a comprehensive understanding of current and upcoming astrological cycles to help us better navigate these challenging times victoriously. Now is the time to be awake, alert, and prayerful spiritual Freedom Fighters for Saint Germain, the Aquarian Age hierarch.  Let us look at the upcoming astrological cycles, transits, and portents that we might see more clearly the calls to make and the options before us. 

*This Seminar will be in Presented Laymen’s Terms (for Non-Astrologers)

For more information about this seminar, or for the archived video afterward:

How to Access ZOOM

If you already use zoom, great! If not, click on the information link below.  We cannot wait to see you — for some, it will be the first time. We will be meeting virtually!

Meeting ID: 816 8083 1733
Password: 098479

Zoom Join Link, Click Here

Instructions to Join, Zoom Seminar Etiquette, and Handouts

Find this information, here


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