Announcing: “How to Make Calls on Your Astrology”— with Handouts

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We are bringing our seminars into the 21st century using technology. We are excited that this presentation will be on Zoom. (See details below)

“How to Make Daily Calls on Your Astrology”

How do we make calls to handle the daily astrology? Lord Maitreya, Buddha, tells us it is ‘vitally important’ to make the calls ‘to the degree.’ Yet, many of us, are not astrologers and don’t know where to begin.

Join us for a nuts and bolts presentation on how to use an ephemeris and determine what calls to make every day! Yes, you will be able to easily and quickly determine what planets are at what degrees and make a powerful call to make to maximize the positive and mitigate the negative potentials of each one!

This seminar is presented by astrologer Patrick Danahy. You don’t want to miss this.

If you already use zoom, great! If not, see the instructions at the bottom of this page.  We cannot wait to see you — for some, it will be the first time. We will be meeting virtually!

Handouts are Available! Please print them out before the seminar.

Strategies for Victory – New Series

Join us for our first Zoom Conferencing Seminar

Sunday, April 19, 2020
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm MDT

Meeting ID: 922 9311 6524
Password: 951848
Zoom Join Link, Click Here

“How to Make Daily Calls on Your Astrology”

Instructions to Join, Zoom Seminar Etiquette, and Handouts
Find this information, here.

Hope you can join us.


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