About Us

We are members of The Summit Lighthouse® and are dedicated to providing spiritual tools and resources to seekers, no matter their religious affiliation.

We are a team of non-denominational spiritual seekers. Most of us grew up in a traditional Catholic, Jewish or Christian household. On a mission to find the meaning and purpose of life, we have explored a variety of alternative religions and practices – some new age, others ancient. These stepping stones led us here.

We have learned to appreciate the solid foundations on which our spiritual work is based and what various traditions offer to strengthen our walk on The Golden Pathway. A focus on Christianity and the Bible from the western perspective and Buddhism and Hinduism from the eastern reinforce the inner and outer experiences of this complex and fulfilling path. The thrust for this work grew out of the astounding results in our individual lives and the desire to share with others that which has been so richly and freely given to us.

Angel and dove

Who We Are

Daughter of an ecumenical Presbyterian minister, Elann, searched for over a dozen years for a spiritual path that could answer questions, like, how do I get back to God? A psychologist on the quest for high self-esteem, she explored secular Buddhism, past life regression, and various psychic practices and evolved through the works of Edgar Cayce and Catherine Ponder. The Teachings of the Ascended Masters® answered Elann’s questions and introduced her to a mystical path of self-transcendence.  (To read more of Elann’s story, click here.)

Mary’s life has been a healing journey; and the cornucopia of love, wisdom, and transformation found in the Ascended Masters’ teachings, has dramatically changed her life. She now has the tools needed to help heal her own life, the lives of others, and our precious earth. She loves extending friendship to those interested in walking a spiritual path and experiencing more of their own beauty and truth in this life. (To read more of Mary’s story, click here.)

Actively engaged in the work of the Ascended Masters for about 40 years, Ana has found the practical applications and wisdom of the Teachings [of the Ascended Masters®] to be an integral part of her spiritual journey in this life. Many years in the classroom as a Montessori teacher serving children prepared her to work for an online Montessori Training course where she can now serve the adult students, parents, grandparents and all who come to learn of Montessori’s education and philosophy in this new age. Ana is a grandmother and is caring for her own mother and fully immersed in these new opportunities to nurture life. (To read more of Ana’s story, click here.)


Jasmine had been seeking the purpose and meaning of life for over 27 years. Even as a child, she felt as if something was missing. As a teenager, she began to ask questions and actively seek answers to why she was here on earth. Her pastor told her to “Just have faith, accept that the trinity is a mystery”. She continued to question and moved far away from her place of birth to continue the search. Within two months of the move, she found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in a book. So elated, she wanted to shout the mountaintop experience to everyone. No one wanted to listen. ( To read more of Jasmine’s story, click here).


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