8th Gate Excerpt

Spiritual Warriors Use The Power of Spoken Prayers to Fight Evil

The Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity is a non-denominational cadre of spiritual warriors in the tradition of ancient spiritual orders. It is composed of warriors of light who pledge to see this earth through to a golden age of freedom, peace and enlightenment by uniting to keep the flame of life.

Keepers of the Flame® use decrees (fast-paced spoken prayers), calls (affirmations and fiats) and teachings of the Ascended Masters to fight all misuse of the Light. These calls are given in the name of Jesus Christ to turn back words, works, and energies that are not of the Light. Darkness is turn backed to pure Light energy endued with wholeness and goodness. Also in this prayer action, darkness is met with the strongest force in the universe, love — love that flows forth from one’s heart, untainted by any negativity whatsoever. Love is transmitted through the science of the spoken word, the sacred word. (See the 5th Gate: Prayer | Meditation | Decrees)

The members of the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity are not the first or only peoples to engage in this battle of light and darkness. For example, the Catholic Church has given a prayer known as the Pope’s Prayer for centuries. This prayer entreats Archangel Michael to defend us in Armageddon.


In the second volume of Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Saint Issa (Jesus’ name in the East) demonstrates to the people of Tibet how to use the Light of the chakras to meet, multiply, and return negative energy to its source for healing and transmutation.

The Jews have used the many names of God as a powerful force to fight evil and accelerate on a spiritual path. In the movie, War Room (2014), the main character demonstrates how prayer can also be a powerful force to counteract evil.

Keepers of the Flame® learn how to prepare themselves before engaging in spiritual warfare by putting on the armor of God through their prayer work. This is done to create a force field around themselves of energy and protection from invisible forces of negativity and evil. One does not need to be a Keeper to give these prayers, however. Others can build a momentum of protection as well when decrees are faithfully given for at least three weeks.

Keepers of the Flame® begin their day by building a Tube of Light around themselves. A Tube of Light is a tube of invisible radiant light envisioned around oneself. This Tube of Light is given three times per day for the action of personal protection.

Decrees to Archangel Michael, the Defender of the Faith are given 9-40 times daily by Keepers, as this builds a strong wall of protection around them, and calls forth the action of Archangel Michael to fight evil, which is his job in Heaven. Keepers know that when beginning to give calls for the judgment of evil energy and fallen angels, it is vitally important to have the protection of Archangel Michael. They ask him for protection…and ask him to fight evil on behalf of the planet.


Keepers of the Flame® also pray a minimum of 15 minutes daily for the action of the Violet Flame. Violet Flame is the flame of the Holy Spirit, and is like a cosmic eraser, erasing negative energies: cause, effect, record, and memory. It cleans up, or transmutes back into God’s pure light energy, whatever energies are stirred up when you fight evil. This flame has been used for centuries by spiritual adepts, but was only recently released to the masses by Saint Germain. (See The 1st Gate: The Violet Flame and Saint Germain)


The New-Age Rosary (Child’s Rosary) to Mother Mary also has the same action as the giving of Violet Flame. In fact, Mother Mary, who is a loving protector, and fierce ally in spiritual warfare, has asked that the Child’s Rosary be given everyday to prevent war. When this is done, Mother Mary has promised to help raise one’s spiritual energies (the kundalini) up through the chakras. (See The 6th Gate: The Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin)

Below are decrees and prayers that you can give daily for your own spiritual protection.

Tube of Light – Handout
(give 3 times)


Lord Michael (give this audio clip 2-4 times)


I AM the Violet Flame – Short Handout


Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary (1 John 1-2:11)


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