4 Zoom Seminars – In Case You Missed Them

For your convenience, we are offering you four videos,
all in one place, in case you missed them –
or if you wish to view them again.

In some cases, the original video has been edited for improvement.

Check to see if there are HANDOUTS.

What Spiritual Seekers Can Learn from Navy Seals Training!” by Sidney Bennett

navy seals tridentWhat do students of the Ascended Masters have in common with the training of Navy SEALS? It turns out, a lot! Drawing on a commencement speech given by the former head of the SEALS, Admiral William McRaven, entitled “Make Your Bed”, we will look at the training of Navy SEALS and what is similar and what is different as we learn to walk the path of our ascension.


Meditation and Prayer through Accessing your Interior Castle” by Monique Calef

Edited, Improved, and Additional Material

woman meditating on the causal bodyThere is a time and a place for quiet meditation; a time and a place for prayer. Our Meditation and Prayer seminar will focuses on the benefits of meditation and prayer for our spiritual journey, its purpose, how to overcome the challenges to its practice, and 17 scientific reasons to meditate. Also, learn to strengthen the muscle of the mind, because if we don’t use it, we lose it.


“Balance and Expand the Three-Fold Flame” by Stewart Anderson

threefold flameHow many times have you heard that it is a requirement of the Ascension to balance your threefold flame?  Join us to discover ways to accelerate balancing its plumes and more about why it is a good idea. Discover how to begin increasing the height of your threefold flame, which is normally only one-sixteenth of an inch. Leave this session ready to make a concerted effort and be victorious! 


“Supporting Optimal Natural Immunity: Dealing with Covid” by Steven Acuff

photo of Steven AcuffAs mask mandates change and the prevalence of covid diminishes, you may be wondering if it’s safe to be around people who not have been vaccinated? How can you strengthen your immune system to minimize contracting the disease? If you do get covid, how can you optimize your potential for a quick recovery? Diet and nutrition supports your body’s natural immune system.


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