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Welcome from Our Team

We are members of The Summit Lighthouse® and a team dedicated to bringing you many spiritual tools and resources along The Golden Pathway of personal and planetary transformation.

The Golden Pathway meets you where you are and offers golden nuggets to support acceleration on your personal spiritual path. These golden transformational tools can change your life for the better and bring the joy and harmony of who you truly are more fully into your life.

On this site, you will find:

  • Teachings of the Ascended Masters® brought forth through Elizabeth Clare and Mark L. Prophet and their predecessors

    Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare ProphetMark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
    Founders of The Summit Lighthouse®

  • Videos of the science of the spoken word – called decrees– teaching you how to practice this scientific, life-changing art
  • Telephone seminars on topics of the day, archived for replay
  • A brother or sister on the path who will pray for you or correspond with you
  • Testimonials from those whose lives have been transformed by using these teachings
  • Pictures, recordings and links to other sites with information to complement that which you see here.

On The Golden Pathway, you will experience compassion and love, no matter what circumstances brought you to this virtual meeting place. Our Team extends our hearts in welcome as you step onto The Golden Pathway, a life-changing journey.

The Pathway to Heaven

For a more in-depth description of The Golden Pathway, you are invited to read here.

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Enter the Twelve Gates Into the City

Twelve Gates to the City

The Bible teaches that there are twelve gates into the City, metaphorically meaning that there are many paths back home to GodDrawing strongly from both Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions, this series offers some of the many perspectives on how to approach enlightenment.

The PRO Outreach Team hopes that you will find something here for you personally on this website…as you pursue your own personal life-changing journey.

Enter the Twelve Gates


Violet-Flame-Elizabeth-Clare-ProphetEnter the 1st gate into the city through a holistic spiritual practice incorporating new age tools, based on the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, a gift from Saint Germain. Enter here.
Blessed Are the Pure in HeartEnter the 2nd Gate into the City through Bible study and a deeper understanding of the scriptures, especially the quotes (the red letter texts) from Jesus Christ. Enter here.

Enter the 3rd Gate into the City through Krishna mantras and prayers from Kuthumi for emotional and psychological healing. Enter here.

Enter the 4th gate into the city through the connection between Christ and Buddha and becoming one with them. Enter here.

Enter the 5th gate into the city through strategies for obtaining help from saints, sages, angels, elementals, ascended masters, and the Holy Spirit through prayer, meditation and decrees. Enter here.

Enter the 6th Gate into the City through devotions to Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and the Divine Mother. Enter here.

Enter the 7th gate into the city through teachings on the Tao, completing your dharma, and transmuting negative karma. Enter here.

Enter the 8th gate into the city through a process for engaging in “spiritual” warfare to rid the earth of darkness and evil. Enter here.

Enter the 9th gate into the city through tips for healing the cause, effect, record and memory of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease, combining traditional western and holistic eastern modalities. Enter here.

Enter the 10th gate into the city through techniques for strengthening your aura and clearing your chakras. Enter here.

Enter the 11th gate into the city through steps on Jacob’s Ladder, a Jewish mystical path in the tradition of the Kaballah. Enter here.

Enter the 12th gate into the city through practical tools for purgation, illumination and union needed by stalwart spiritual warriors to bring the Golden Age of Aquarius into manifestation. Enter here.

* The topics assigned to each of the twelve gates have been chosen by the PRO Outreach Team.


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Part 4 – Working on Our Psychology Questions & Answers

Working on Our Psychology Using the Teachings of the Ascended Masters”

Part 4 – Q&A Session
In this session, Stewart Anderson will answer any questions you may have about any of the material that was presented in Parts 1-3. You can submit your questions before December 6 to Info@thegoldenpathway.org.

Sunday, December 9
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm MDT

Presented by Psychotherapist Stewart Anderson

Conference Dial-in Number: (563) 999-2090
Participant Access Code: 839413#


Did you miss Parts 1, 2 or 3?  

Here’s the opportunity to listen before December 9

Part 1 – Developing the Heart: Our Engine of Change

Psychology started out as a study of the soul or psyche. As it evolved into an academic discipline, the focus shifted to a study of personality and how individuals think and manage emotions and behaviors. While these remain important, the Teachings of the Ascended Masters return us to the roots of psychology.

There are three major aspects to working on our psychology within the Teachings of the Ascended Masters:

1. Developing the heart – our engine of change
2. Clearing up our Electronic Belt – the negative records from current and past embodiments
3. Soul Retrieval – reclaiming those parts of ourselves that we have lost or given away that keep us from being whole

Part 1 gives an overview of the psychological predicament of the soul, clears up confusion about our reason for being and gives guidance on how to start the process of cooperating with God in fulfilling our reason for being.

Stewart Anderson Presentation Handout


Part 2 –
 Clearing up our Electronic Belt:  The Negative Records from Current and Past Embodiments 

Since the first session, we have been working on expanding the threefold flame of the heart with a daily meditation. This prepared us for Part 2, to call for the transmutation of negative records in the electronic belt. These records keep us tied to earth and unascended souls to whom we may owe recompense. In this second session, we accelerate the cleaning out of the electronic belt of ourselves and the planet.

The Electronic Belt Handout
Call for God Truth Handout
Living Truth Decree Handout


Part 3
Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Those Parts of Ourselves That We Have Lost or Given Away That Keep Us From Being Whole 

Since Part 2, we worked on cleaning out our electronic belt, and the transmutation of all thoughts and feelings that are not of the Christ, and we practiced forgiveness of ourselves and others. These actions prepared us for Part 3 on retrieving those parts of our souls that we have lost. This session, explores how to attract those soul fragments back to ourselves to make our souls whole once again.

Soul Retrieval Handout


About Stewart Anderson

Stewart Anderson has been a student of the Ascended Masters for more than 30 years and a psychotherapist since starting his career. He attended Summit University in 1984 and Elizabeth Clare Prophet invited him to join the staff of the Summit Lighthouse in 1985. On staff, he saw tremendous opportunities to use the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for the healing of one’s psychology; opportunities that were not available in the psychology taught in the world. He became a staff psychologist in the early 1990s and served in that capacity until 1997. Stewart’s approach to psychological work is based on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, stressing the importance of Saint Germain’s alchemy and the violet flame for true psychological change and wholeness.

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