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Travel the path that leads you on a spiritual journey to the most precious jewel on earth — the light of God that is within you!

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Welcome from the PRO Outreach Team

We are the PRO Outreach Team (Project Reach Out) of The Summit Lighthouse®, a team dedicated to bringing you many spiritual tools and resources along The Golden Pathway of personal and planetary transformation.

The Golden Pathway meets you where you are and offers golden nuggets to support acceleration on your personal spiritual path. These golden transformational tools can change your life for the better and bring the joy and harmony of who you truly are more fully into your life.

On this site, you will find:

  • Teachings of the Ascended Masters® brought forth through Elizabeth Clare and Mark L. Prophet and their predecessors

    Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare ProphetMark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
    Founders of The Summit Lighthouse®

  • Videos of the science of the spoken word – called decrees– teaching you how to practice this scientific, life-changing art
  • Telephone seminars on topics of the day, archived for replay
  • A brother or sister on the path who will pray for you or correspond with you
  • Testimonials from those whose lives have been transformed by using these teachings
  • Pictures, recordings and links to other sites with information to complement that which you see here.

On The Golden Pathway, you will experience compassion and love, no matter what circumstances brought you to this virtual meeting place. The PRO Outreach Team extends our hearts in welcome as you step onto The Golden Pathway, a life-changing journey.

The Pathway to Heaven

For a more in-depth description of The Golden Pathway, you are invited to read here.

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We Speak Your Language!

The Golden Pathway
is now available in French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish!

Just think! Now you can send your friends and relatives who speak other languages to our site to learn about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. They will find that the translations are pretty accurate, and they will be able to understand the essential teachings. 

To find the desired language, there is a purple TRANSLATE flag on the bottom left of the home page. Just by clicking on a flag, the site changes to a new language. If there is another language that you think we should include, send us a note here.

Girl On the Telephone

We are also happy to announce that soon we will be back with a new phone seminar and a new series of blogs. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your support of our site.


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